Lancelot de la Blance Terre

The grandfather of Lancelot of the Lake. Descended from Nascien, he was the son of Jonah (Jonaans) and the father of Kings Ban (Lancelot of the Lake’s father), Bors, and Guinebaus (Gwenbaus). Born the heir to Gaul, he doubled his kingdom by marrying the daughter of the King of Ireland.

While drinking from a chapel fountain one day, his cousin, the Duke of the White Fortress, who was also the husband of King Lancelot’s mistress, sneaked up behind him and beheaded him, sending his head into the fountain. The fountain boiled, burning the Duke, and continued to boil until the Grail Quest, when Galahad put his hand into the fountain. Lancelot of the Lake found his grandfather’s body and buried it next to his grandmother’s.

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