The Pope is the leader of the worldwide Catholic Church and the Bishop of Rome. He rules the smallest state in the world – Stato della Città del Vaticano (‘Vatican City State’ – the Vatican City). The name of the city/state comes from the Vatican Hill on which it is built.

The reigning Pope took a hand (by messengers) in Arthur’s affairs, as in the affairs of other kings, often enough that he must be recognized both as a force and as a character – or perhaps, since Pope follows Pope as more than one character – in the Arthurian saga.

For instance, it was the Pope who ordered Arthur to be reconciled with Guenevere in the matter of “the false Guenevere”.

It was also the Pope who ordered Arthur to be reconciled with his wife after Lancelot rescued her from the stake, the Pope’s command reaching them while Arthur besieged them in Joyous Garde.

Arthur met the current pontiff in person when he conquered Rome and

was crowned emperor by the pope's hand, with all the royalty that could be made, and sojourned [in Rome] a time.

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