Pulzella Gaia

‘Merry Maiden’
Gaia Donzella, Gaia Pulcella

In Italian romance, the daughter of Morgan Le Fay by Hemison. Pulzella Gaia is in fact a title, not a name, signifying the Cheerful Damsel.

She was abducted by Burlette della Diserta, but rescued by Lancelot. She was Gawaine’s lover, but cautioned him never to reveal the existence of the affair. However, he did, so she no longer came when he summoned her. Guenevere, who had had her advances rejected by Gawaine arranged matters so that Gawaine had to prove Pulzella Gaia was his lover or die.

Pulzella Gaia arrived with the fairy army to rescue him, but she told him her mother would imprison her, which she did, making her stay up to her waist in water. However, Gawaine rescued her and made Morgan captive.