Red Knight

  1. Red Knight

    The knight who stole a valuable cup from Arthur’s court but was pursued, caught and killed by Gawain (or Percivale).

  2. Red Knight

    True name Sir Perimones, he was defeated by Gareth.

  3. Red Knight
    Sir Ironside, the Red Knight of the Red Lands

    He was besieging Lyonesse when Gareth came to relieve that lady, and duly defeated him.

  4. Red Knight

    A title given to Gawain in Perlevaus.

  5. Red Knight

    A knight of Arthur’s court who was defeated by the Great Fool.

  6. Red Knight

    The nickname of Count Hojir of Mannesvelt, because of his crimson hair and beard.

  7. Red Knight

    An alias of Lord Raolais, an enemy of Arthur.

  8. Red Knight

    The name adopted by Sir Pelleas, after Gawain’s treachery and news of Guinevere’s infidelity drove him insane and turned him into a marauder. He sent an insulting message to Arthur, and Arthur was forced to rally forces against him.
  9. Red Knight

    An alias of Baudon, son of the Duke of Avarlan.