Severauce le Breuse

Servause le Breuse

A Knight of the Round Table who appears at the healing of Sir Urry. Malory mentions this companion only once.

The single mention, however, describes an interesting peculiarity:

Sir Servause le Breuse, that was called a passing strong knight, for as the book saith, the chief Lady of the Lake feasted Sir Lancelot and Servauce le Breuse, and when she had feasted them both at sundry times she prayed them to give her a boon. And they granted it her. And then she prayed Sir Servauce that he would promise her never to do battle against Sir Launcelot du Lake, and in same wise she prayed Sir Launcelot never to do battle against Sir Servauce, and so either promised her. For the French book saith, that Sir Servauce had never courage nor lust to do battle against no man, but if it were against giants, and against dragons, and wild beasts.