1. Yvain
    Le Chevalier au Lion, The Knight with the Lion
    Evrains, Evayn, Evein, Eveins, Eventus, Ewain, Ewan, Ewayne, Ewein, Ewen, Ewin, Ivan, Ivano, Iven, Iwain, Iwainet, Iwein, Iwen, Ovan, Owain, Owein, Uwayne, Yoain, Yovain, Yovin, Yvains, Yvein, Ywaines, Ywan, Ywons

    Son of Morgan Le Fay and King Urien. Knight of the Round Table. I prefer to seperate him from the other Yvains by spelling his name Ywaine.

  2. Yvain

    King of Lindsey who participated in Arthur’s tournament at the Castle of Maidens.

  3. Yvain

    A Knight of the Round Table who was the son of King Hervi.

    Found in the romance of Yder, he may be identical to the original Yvain, with “Hervi” being a corruption of “Urien”.

  4. Yvain

    Yet another of Arthur’s knights, variously called “the Crooked”, “the Buck”, “the Deer”, and “the Shining”.

    He fought in the Saxon wars and joined one of Gawain’s quests to find Lancelot.

  5. Yvain

    An Arthurian warrior in Welsh legend who is the son of Nudd, which would make him the brother of YderGwynn, and Dryon.

  6. Yvain

    A knight in Arthur’s service who was the son of the Soumière.