1. Cluse

    A mountain near the city of Bearosche which was one of the sites of the battle of Bearosche, in which many of Arthur’s knights were captured by King Poydiconjunz (Bagdemagus).

  2. Cluse

    A land in Der Stricker’s Daniel, conquered by Daniel of the Blossoming Valley and King Arthur.

    Its lord, Matur, demanded Arthur’s fealty, using two invulnerable giants as his primary threat. Daniel vanquished the giants, and Arthur slew Matur. After they defeated Cluse’s seven armies, Daniel married Danise, Matur’s widow, becoming king of the land, subject to Arthur. Arthur appointed Beladigant as Cluse’s duke.

    Reminiscent of the enchanted otherworlds of Welsh legend, it was completely encircled by mountains (like Syria in Wirnt’s Wigalois) and could only be entered through a narrow passageway. It was blessed with bold knights, beautiful maidens, constant revelry, and exotic beasts, including elephants and the Babian bird.

    For Cluse’s name, Der Stricker could have used Wolfram’s Cluse, the Latin clausus, meaning ‘closed’, or any of several locations called ‘Kluse’ in the German Alps.