Yselond, Ysland

It was the ninth century before Iceland was settled by Norse explorers. It had not been discovered during the Arthurian period but, according to Geoffrey of Monmouth, Arthur conquered from King Malvasius. Layamon calls the conquered king Alcus, and says that Malvasius ruled it later. Warriors from Iceland assisted Arthur in the invasion of Gaul and in the Roman War.

In Meriadeuc, the Queen of Iceland is the sweetheart of King Ris of Outre-Ombre, Arthur’s enemy. Ris conquered nine kings in her honor and made a mantle for her out of their beards. She asked Ris to conquer Arthur for the final beard, but Ris was unsuccessful. The Queen’s sister was the Lady of the Isles.

Layamon says its king was Aelens. He was married to the King of Russia’s daughter and they had a son named Escol. Aeleus voluntarily submitted to Arthur and gave him Escol to be his man.

In some romances, Iceland is confused with Ireland.