Perilous Castle

  1. Perilous Castle

    A manor where Sir Meliot of Logres lay sick until he was cured by Lancelot.

  2. Perilous Castle

    A castle Arthur had to conquer in order to free the Kingdom of Damsels from the grip of a tyrant.

  3. Perilous Castle
    Chastel Paorous

    A castle ruled by Lord Menelais. It was said that no one passed the castle without seeing or hearing something that would terrify him.

  4. Perilous Castle

    A castle whose enchantments were destroyed by Arthur’s knights Claris and Laris. Its ruler was Orgueillox the Proud.

  5. Perilous Castle

    TristramGouvernailSir Kehydius, and Dame Bragwaine were on their way by boat from Brittany to Cornwall when an extremely “contrarious wind” blew them off course to North Wales, where they came ashore near the Castle Perilous. Tristram went into the forest because “in this forest are many strange adventures, as I heard say”.

    This would seem to put it near the Forest Perilous (see below) of Annowre the sorceress in North Wales. I would incline to put this Castle Perilous at Dyffryn or Llanbedr, above Barmouth on the coast of Merioneth County. Having blown so far, though, it would not be impossible for Tristram and party to have come ashore even farther along the coast, at, say, Llandudno or Rhyl.

    Although I cannot be entirely sure, I do not think this is the same castle as Dame Lyonors’ Castle Perilous, otherwise called Castle Dangerous – and not simply because I have already located that Castle Perilous in Wiltshire!