The maiden loved by Pelleas in the Post-Vulgate Suite du Merlin. Malory calls her Ettard.

Though Pelleas won a tournament in her honor, Arcade treated him with disdain. He kept attacking her knights and allowing himself to be defeated, just so he could catch a glimpse of her as they threw him in her prison. Gawaine learned of his plight and offered to help him by going to Arcade’s court and claiming that he had slain Pelleas. What Gawaine hoped to accomplish is unclear, but in any event, he abandoned the plan when he saw the lovely Arcade, who responded to his advances and slept with him.

Pelleas found them sleeping together and considered killing them, but instead left his sword laying beside them. When Arcade awoke, she realized that Gawaine had lied and that Pelleas had spared her life. Gawaine confessed his fib and persuaded Arcade to reconcile with Pelleas. The two married and had a son named Guivret the Younger.

Post-Vulgate Suite du Merlin | 1230-1240