Four entries with “foresters”.

  1. Forestier

    The forester who tells Lancelot, whom he does not know, that the knight who delivered the Queen, had died in Meleagant’s (Meleagaunce) prison, and that thus the hopes of the people as to his achieving the adventure of ‘La Tor Merlin’ were frustated.

  2. Forestier

    Gaheriet (Gaheris), Guerrehes (Gareth) and Agravain stays at his house, and who tells them of the war between the Duke Calles and his sons.

  3. Forestier

    The host of Lancelot on the day before he kills the two giants.

  4. Forestier

    At whose house Lancelot defended Kex (Kay), and on the following morning mistook Kex’s for his own arms.

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