1. Daniel

      In the Tavola ritonda, a knight, brother of Dinadan, leader of the knights who discovered Lancelot and Guenevere together in compromising circumstances.

      Daniel was also the name of an Arthurian knight in a thirteenth-century German poem by Der Stricker. As Breunor (Brunor the Black) is also named as the brother of Dinadan, it seems that Daniel and Breunor were also brothers. Alternatively, it has been suggested that they were simply different names for the same character.

    2. Daniel of the Blossoming Valley

      Hero of Der Strickerís Daniel von dem blŁhenden Tal. Equal in prowess to the likes of Gawaine and Perceval, he stands out among other French and German heroes for his cunning, which when paired with his valor made him a potent foe. The son of King Mandogran, Daniel took service with Arthur just before King Matur of Cluse demanded Arthurís fealty. Matur had two giants with impenetrable skin, but Daniel nonetheless set out ahead of Arthurís own army to reconnoiter Maturís lands. Along the way, he liberated the Dark Mountain from an evil dwarf named Juran, and he freed the Bright Fountain from the terror of a demon.

      In the former adventure, he won a sword capable of slaying Maturís giants, which he employed to that end. Arthur killed Matur, and Daniel fought bravely in the ensuing battles with the armies of Cluse, defeating the majority of them by turning their own magical weapon against them. Later, he saved the Maiden of the Green Meadow from a monster and rescued Arthur from the father of the slain giants. Arthur crowned him the King of Cluse, and Daniel married Queen Danise, Maturís widow. His character is adapted liberally by Der Pleier as Garel.

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    3. Daniel the Believer

      A Knight of the Round Table who embarked with the others on the Grail Quest.