Doolaga, Gubba, Gulaga, Jimbra, Joogabinna, Jurrawarra, Myngawin, Noocoonah, Pangkarlangu, Puttikan, Quinkin, Thoolagal, Tjangara, Wawee, Yahoo, Yaroma

These creatures of the night is common in the Australian Aboriginal legends, especially in the eastern part of the country. The legends are sometimes the same as the bunyip. It is an old legend, probably from the Dreamtime period.

This night creature is tall (between 2.1 m and 3.6 m), ape-like and can be considered to be a southern hemisphere type of a Yeti and Sasquatch, with a wide and flat nose.

Apparently the yowie lives in deep caves and only ventures forth after dark in search of prey. Some of the livestock losses blamed upon dingos may in fact have been caused by prowling yowies.