Perilous Bed

  1. Perilous Bed
    Adventurous Bed, Bed of Marvels, Lit Marveile

    A bed in the castle of Carbonek where Galahad slept and was wounded by a fiery lance. Some dubious sources say that it was Galahad’s father, Lancelot, who slept in this bed having previously lain with Elaine, a coupling that led to the birth of Galahad.

  2. Perilous Bed
    Lit Merveile

    A wondrous bed which no knight of Arthur’s could rest in this bed without rising in shame.

    When Gawaine went to rescue certain captives at a castle, at the frontier of the Terre Foraine (Foreign Land) of Gore, he were to know that no one could sleep in this bed without being maimed or killed. On entering, he saw the bed scudding around on its own. Gawain jumped onto it and it shot from wall to wall, smashing itself against them. When it ceased its gallivanting, 500 pebbles were unleashed at Gawain from slingstaves (sling-shots). Crossbow bolts were then aimed at him but happily his armour was sufficient to protect him.

    Lancelot later stopped here for a night during his pursuit of Guenevere and her captor Meliagrant. Lancelot took the risk and slept in the bed. At midnight the house trembled, a whirlwind swept through it, and a fiery lance came in the window and advanced toward the bed with such force that it entered half a foot into the ground. Lancelot got up, cut the lance in half with his sword, and went back to bed.

    I suspect that this bed should be identified with the one that Malory tells us Merlin made.

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