City in Emilia, Italy, capital of the province of Modena, lying north of Bologna. Its twelfth-century cathedral is of interest to Arthurian studies. The construction of the cathedral began in year 1099 and the Porta della Pescheria on the building’s north side, where the archivolt was built, is dated around 1120-1140.

This arch, the underside of which depicts Arthurian scenes that include several characters not known of anywhere else, whether in art or literature. This frieze is usually referred to as the Modena archivolt.

This sculpture depicts an attack on the castle (centered) by Knights of the Round Table. Meleagant is holding Guenevere prisoner and King Arthur and some of his Knights will rescue her.

Photo: Robert Aho

From left to right is the following figures carved:

– A knight

– Isdernus (Lancelot)

– Artus Britani (King Arthur)

– A castle with Burmaldus, Winlogee (Guenevere), Mardoc (Meleagant) and Carrado (Carados)

– Calvariun (Galeshin?)

– Che (Kay)

– Galvaginus (Gawain)