1. Raguidel

    A noble knight who was killed by the knight Guengasoain. His body floated up to Arthur’s court in a boat on an apparently unmanned ship. On the boat, Raguidel’s body lay in a cart, and he was therefore also known as the Knight of the Cart.

    With his body was a letter asking that his death be avenged and stating that the person who did this would be the only one able to draw rings from the fingers of the corpse. By drawing a lance from Raguidel’s body, Gawain assumed the task, and with the help of Yder, succeeded and returned to remove the rings from Raguidel’s fingers.

  2. Raguidel
    Castel de Radigel, Garidel, Ragidel, Ragidiel, Raguidel, Tintagueil

    A castle where Hector (Ector de Maris), Lancelot’s brother, ended a number of evil customs by defeating Lord Marigart the Red and by rescuing lady Angale from a pair of lions.