The Legend of King Arthur

The Legend of King Arthur and the Knights at the Round Table has touched everyone who’ve heard about them. The Holy Grail which has paid a lot of attraction through Dan Browns book The Da Vinci Code. Maybe he’s right about his conclusion about the Grail… or maybe not.

This section of Nightbringer is one of the largest Arthurian online encyclopedias which covers characters, locations, items and events. If there is anything missing or wrong, don’t hesitate to contact me!

My humble thanks to Christopher W. Bruce for the approval of using his book, Arthurian Name Dictionary!

Who’s who, where’s were and what’s what

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Events & BehaviorsA-Z

Knighthood and chivalry

– About knights
– Knighthood and Knight-errantry
– Arms and Armour
– Coats of Arms
– Cavalry
– Individual Combats and Courtesy
– Blood Feuds
– Distances and Travel Time

– Arthurian Classes and Roles
– Kingdoms and Dukedoms
– Cultural Heritage
– Holding Court
– Money

– Colored knights
– The listed knights at the Round Table

– Chronology
– Topography and Local Legends

Myths and Legends

– Trials of a Charmed Passion
– The Way to Fairyland


– Writers A-Z
– Geoffrey of Monmouth
– Gerald of Wales
– Chrétien de Troyes
– Literature

Clubs and societies

– International Arthurian Society (IAS)


– Celtic Arthurian Literature
– Sources