Lancelot to the Rescue

Immediately following the celebrations of Guenevere's return, Carados of the Dolorous Tower abducted Gawaine. Setting out to rescue him, Galeshin and Lancelot came to Morgan's Val sans retour. As a true lover, Lancelot was able to free Morgan's prisoners here, but she succeeded in kidnapping him in return. She let him go long enough to kill Carados and free Gawaine, but then, by a ruse, sent Lancelot's ring (a ring from Guenevere) back to court with a pretended message from the knight that he would never return. This drove Lancelot mad until the Damsel of the Lake found him wandering in Cornwall and cured him.

Meanwhile, however, Duke Galeholt had gotten a false report of Lancelot's death, which caused his own. Before Lancelot's return to court, Meliagrant (Meliagaunce), son of King Bagdemagus, succeeded in abducting Guenevere, also taking Kay prisoner; Lancelot pursued him in a cart (a humble mode of conveyance in which the knight was reluctant to travel) and had to cross a Sword Bridge to reach the castle in, freeing not only Guenevere and Kay but also the occupants of Gore's "Terre Foraine". The two fought, but Bagdemagus pleaded with Guenevere that his son's life would be spared, so their combat was stopped, to be taken up again in a year's time. Later, Meliagaunce accused Guenevere of adultery with Kay. Lancelot fought the accuser as her champion and, once again, Bagdemagus had to plead for his son's life. Eventually, Lancelot slew Meliagaunce in combat at Arthur's court.

Some time later, traveling on other adventures, Lancelot found Duke Galeholt's grave and almost killed himself in grief, but was prevented by Seraide, at whose direction he had his friend's body taken to Joyous Garde for reburial.

Lancelot was gone so long on his adventures that Gawaine and other knights went out searching for him again, while Guenevere, distraught, sent Elyzabel to France to summon Viviane. After her departure, a damsel whom Lancelot had succored arrived at court with the news that he was still alive, which was so welcome that Arthur gave the messenger her choice of castles (she chose Leverzep).

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