Lancelot and His Virgin Love

Lancelot, meanwhile, met his virgin love, Amable. Lancelot was found at last by his cousin Lionel, only to be separated again when Lionel went off to pursue and be captured by Sir Terican (Turquine) while Lancelot was napping. Lancelot was captured while asleep by Morgan and her cohorts, but escaped through the help of Duke Rochedon's daughter, succored Meliagrant's sister, and visited Carbonek, where he engendered Galahad on Pellam's daughter Elaine of Carbonek.

After this he visited the Forest Perilous, repaid Duke Rochedon's daughter by saving her from an unwanted marriage and forcing Morgan's friend the Queen of Sorestan to restore her inhertiance, and finally rejoined the court at a tournament in Camelot, which Amable also attended and where Guenevere accepted her platonic relationship with Lancelot. After the tournament, Lancelot, Bors, Gareth, and Bagdemagus went out looking for Lionel and Ector de Maris and saved Mordred from Maten's men at the Castel de la Blanche Espine; Lancelot eventually killed Terican and freed Lionel and the other prisoners.

Suffering from a guilty conscience, Lancelot pursued quest after quest in order to be away from Guinevere. Lancelot visted King Pelles the Grail Guardian and saved his daughter, Elaine of Corbenic, from a tub of boiling water in which she had been imprisoned by enchantment for several years. Brisen, her nurse, arranged for Lancelot to think Elaine was Guinevere and he slept with her. As a result, Galahad was conceived.

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