Lancelot - "... the two most unfortunate

knights who ever lived."

After a few other adventures, Lancelot fell again into Morgan's hands, who tricked him into her castle, drugged him with wine and a powder blown into his nose, and held him for two winters and a summer; during this time, Lancelot painted his own history, including his love for Guenevere, on his bedroom walls. Inspired by a spring horse that reminded him of the Queen, he finally broke the iron bars of his window and escaped.

He then rescued Lionel again, this time from a trumped-up charge of treason in King Vagor's country, fought Bors at Le Tertre Deuee, visited the site of his grandfather's death in the Forest of the Boiling Well, killed Merlan le Dyable, and rescued Mordred at the castle of Fontaine des Deux Sycamores. Mordred at this time was still a promising young knight, who won Lancelot's praise as they traveled together and who saw with him the mystic stag and four lions in the forest moonlight.

Lancelot witnessed the revelation in the woods near Peningues that marked the turning point in Mordred's life and parted company with him after the tournament of Peningues. Lancelot had been included in the priest's prophetic greeting of them as "the two most unfortunate knights who ever lived", and he was much shaken when Mordred slew the prophet before the latter had time to predict his - Lancelot's - fate. It was after the Peningues tournament that Lancelot rescued Kay from attacking knights and then left in hte morning with Kay's horse and armor.

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