Lancelot - Another version

The version of Lancelot's adventures, found in French sources and Malory, differs markedly from that of Ulrich von Zarzikhoven, who says he was the son of King Pant of Gennewis and his wife, Clarine. Pant was killed in a rebellion and Lancelot was stolen by a fairy and raised in Maidenland. The fairy would not tell him his name until he had fought Iweret of Beforet.

Johfrit de Liez trained him as a knight and in the use of all manner of weapons and he married the daughter of Galagandreiz. The fairy's son, Mabuz, a wizard, was having his territory raided by Iweret. Lancelot fought and killed Iweret, thus learning his name. He married Iweret's daughter Iblis, with whom he had four children. He eventually won back his father's kingdom, Pant.

The appearance of Mabuz, who is thought to have originated in the Celtic god Mabon, certainly indicates that Lancelot had a Celtic origin. Parts of this story are common with the more normal story of Lancelot as related in French and German sources, as well as by Sir Thomas Malory.

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