1. Mathan
      Mathamas, Mathans

      One of the many Saxon kings to invade northern Britain at the beginning of Arthur's reign.

      Under King Hargadabran he fought Arthur at Clarence. Arthurís Sir Dodinel killed him.

    2. Mathan
      Marthan, Marthaut, Matan, Mathamas

      A knight who fought before Clarence on the rebel kings' side. He is probably identical with the Saxon king Mathan.

    3. Mathan the Brown
      Matto Le Bruene

      Ah, said King Mark, that is Sir Matto le Breune, that fell out of his wit because he lost his lady; for when Sir Gaheris smote down Sir Matto and won his lady of him, never since was he in his mind, and that was pity, for he was a good knight.

      As it happens, King Mark has here mistaken Dagonet's account of a crazed Tristram for Sir Matto. From this tantalizing reference, which seems to be Malory's only mention of Sir Matto, we can at least infer that he was probably a Cornish knight and running around wild in the Forest of Morrois in that part of the country.