1. Mauduit the Wicked Giant
      le Jaiant Malduit

      One country, possibly in or near Cornwall (that part of the island being noted for them) was infested with giants. Arthur killed them all except a giantess and her baby son, whom he gave, along with the land, to a knight who asked for them. The baby giant was Mauduit. At fourteen, he was larger than a grown man. At fifteen, he was knighted by his foster-father. Later, he killed his parents in a fit of rage and began terrorizing the countryside.

      Finally he fell in love, but the lady accepted him only on condition that he swear to amend and not to leave his castle. He hung his arms in a pavilion, hoping some knight would take them and thus give him an excuse to leave his castle. The people charged twelve damsels to guard Mauduit's arms.

      Ywaine came along and found an old woman beating a dwarf. At first she said she would stop if Ywaine kissed her, but then she amended the condition and make him take down Mauduit's helmet, sword, and shield. She tied the helmet and sword to the tail of her horse and made Ywaine carry the shield. Then she rode away, while the dwarf and the twelve damsels grieved. Ywaine had innocently given Mauduit the excuse to leave his castle.

      Ywaine only learned the story later, from a hermit of the country. Ywaine fought and conquered a knight named Triadan and told him to go to the giant with the message that Ywaine alone was responsible and the people of the country should be spared. Mauduit's answer was to cut off Triadan's hand and go on a spree of indiscriminate slaughter.

      Some of the people captureed Ywaine and imprisoned him in the Castel del Trespas to await Mauduit's coming. Here, Lancelot, Bors, Gareth, and Bagdemagus found their comrade. Bors insisted on carrying Mauduit's shield and fighting the giant. Bors, of course, won and killed Mauduit.

    2. Mauduit the Wise
      Maudit, Maldis, Malduz, Maldwiz

      Queen Guinevere’s chief Marshal in Wolfram’s Parzival. The office had been held by his father Isajes before him.

    3. Maurin of the Nimble Shanks

      Eighth best of Artur's knights, according to the list Chrétien de Troyes begins in line 1691 of Erec & Enide. It seems highly unlikely that this Mauduit should be confused with Mauduit the wicked giant.

      A magical mantle brought to Arthur’s court revealed that his wife talked too much.