The title character of a thirteenth-century Dutch romance.

In his original inception, Morien seems to have been the son of Perceval, but the author of the existing text - apparently in light of Percevalís advertised virginity in the Vulgate romances - makes him the son of Aglovale, Percevalís brother.

A huge Moor, Morien was conceived when his father visited his mother, a Moorish princess with Christian beliefs, in an Arabian kingdom, but Aglovale left the princess before the birth. Aglovale promised to return to her but did not. When Morien came of age (about thirteen), he embarked on a search for his father. His quest led him into contact with Lancelot and Gawain, who at Arthurís behest were searching for Perceval. After saving Gawainís life, Morien reunited his parents and saw his father crowned king of his homeland.

It is thought the romance was based on a French original in which Percivale was the father of Moriaen. Aspects of Morienís story recall Feirefiz from Wolframís Parzival.