Places in the Arthurian Legends - C

Three locations. [More]

  1. Cadbury - A castle.
  2. Cadbury-Camelot - A theory.
  3. Cadbury Hill - A hill.

Caellus | Kaelluz
A city. [More]

Caen | Caiam, Came
Kay died in the Roman war and was buried there. [More]

Caer | 'Fortress of Carousal', etc. | Caer Feddwid, Caergai etc.
Nineteen locations. [More]

  1. Caer Brythwch - A city.
  2. Caer Calemion - Perhaps Camelot?
  3. Caer Dathal-Math - Home of some of Arthur’s warriors.
  4. Caer Fanddwy - An alternate name for Annwn.
  5. Caer Feddwid - A nickname for Annwn.
  6. Caer Gai - A place where Arthur was raised.
  7. Caer Goludd - An alternate name for Annwn.
  8. Caer Greu - Peredur and Gwrgi were killed here.
  9. Caer Llundein - London.
  10. Caer Nefenhyr Nine-Teeth - A city.
  11. Caer Ochren - An alternate name for Annwn.
  12. Caer Oeth - A city.
  13. Caer Pedryfran - A nickname for Annwn.
  14. Caer Rigor - An alternative name for the Fort of Carousal.
  15. Caer Se - A city.
  16. Caer Seint - The Roman fort of Segontium.
  17. Caer Siddi - The Otherworld Fort of Carousal.
  18. Caer Vandwy - A castle.
  19. Caer Wydyr - A glass fort.

Caerlaverlock | 'Fort Lark'
A harbour. [More]

Caerleon | Caer Llion, Caerleon-on-Usk, Caerlion, Carlion, etc.
A city. [More]

Caerliudcoit | Lindocolinum
A city. [More]

A city and bay in Gwynedd. [More]

A section of a kingdom. [More]

Caichester | Kaichester
A city. [More]

A city. [More]

Caithness | Caitnes, Gallaibh
Region of Scotland. [More]

Caitis, Tertre as
See Druas' Hill.

Calabria | Kalabrois
One of Arthur’s courts. [More]

Calamine Valley | Galamine
A valley. [More]

Home of Persidos. [More]

Calcydon | Calcedoyne, Calcidoine, Calidoine
A Mediterranean kingdom. [More]

Caledon | Aledon, Caledonia, Caledoniae, etc.
Two locations. [More]

  1. Caledon - An ancient name for Scotland.
  2. Caledon Wood - Site of a battle.

Caleph | Kaleph
A castle. [More]

Caleque | Kalec
A castle. [More]

A town. [More]

One of the places that has been connected with Kelliwic. [More]

A forest. [More]

Cam | 'Crooked'
A river. [More]

See Camelot.

Cambenet | Cambenic
Territory. [More]

Cambenic | Ambenic, Cambanyk, Cambenec, Cambenek, Cambenet, etc.
A duchy. [More]

A Roman fort on Hadrian's Wall. [More]

An ancient name for Wales. [More]

A city. [More]

Camel | Camal
One location and one character. [More]

  1. Camel - A river.
  2. Camel - A knight.

A town. [More]

Cameliard | Camelide, Camilyard, Carmalide, Carmelide, etc.
A country. [More]

A location in Scotland. [More]

Camelot | Camalahot, Camalat, Camallate, Camalot, Camelotto, etc.
Three locations. [More]

  1. Camelot - Arthur's capital.
  2. Camelot - A valley and castle.
  3. Camelot Forest - A wood.

Camengues | Camugnes, Caraigues, Taumdes, Tamingres
A castle or country. [More]

Camlann | Cambala, Camball, Camblan, Cambul, etc.
The site of Arthur's third and final battle. [More]

Camlet Moat
A small isle. [More]

Campacorentin | Camparcorentin, Campercorantin, Campercorentin, etc.
A forest. [More]

A castle. [More]

Canguin | Chanpguin, Roche de Canguin, Sanguin
One location and one character. [More]

  1. Canguin Rock - A castle.
  2. Canguin, Ferryman of - He ferried visitors.

Canoel | Canvel
A capital city. [More]

Canterbury | Cantorber, Cantorbile, Cantorbire, Cantorbyre, etc.
One location and one character. [More]

  1. Canterbury - A cathedral city.
  2. Canterbury, Archbishop of - Related to Guinevere.

A wasteland. [More]

A city. [More]

Cappadocia | Capados
An ancient kingdom. [More]

A capital city. [More]

Carabel | Charabel, Karabel, Tarabel, Tarabiel
A castle. [More]

A castle. [More]

A wasteland. [More]

Carahes | Caraes, Charahes
A location, probably a city. [More]

Caranges | Carenge, Carenges, Coraignes, Coranges, Corenge, etc.
King Angusel’s capital. [More]

Carbonek | Corlenot, Corben, Corbenic, Corbenich, Corbeniche, etc.
The Grail Castle. [More]

Carcelois | Carceloys, Cartelois, Carteloyse, Cartolius, Catheloys, Chartelos
One location and one character. [More]

  1. Carcelois - A castle.
  2. Carcelois - A Grail King.

A city. [More]

Cardiff | Caerdif, Cardef, Caerdydd, Caerdyv, Kardyval
Arthur held court in this city. [More]

Cardigan | Caradigan, Cardican, Kardigan, Karidagan
Castle. [More]

Cardueil | Cardef, Cardeuyle, Caerdyv, Cardiff, Cardel, etc.
Arthur's residence. [More]

A castle. [More]

Carhaix | Camaheu, Carahaix, Carahan, Carahes, Caraheu, etc.
A city. [More]

A building near Castle Dore. [More]

Carlion, or Carlyon
See Caerleon.

Carlisle | Cardoile, Carlele, Carlile, Carlle, Carlill, etc.
One location and two characters. [More]

  1. Carlisle - A court city.
  2. Carlisle, Carl of - A giant and nobleman.
  3. Carlisle, Suffragan of - A bishop.

Carmarthen | Caerfyrddin, Caerfyrddyn, Maridunum
A city. [More]

Carmelide | Cameliard, Camelide, Camilyard, etc.
See Cameliard.

Carn | Cairn Cabal
Three locations. [More]

  1. Carn Arthur - A carn with a stone thrown by Arthur.
  2. Carn Cabal - With the mark of Cabal's paw.
  3. Carn Gwylathyr - A mountain.

Carnant | Karnant
Capital and chief castle. [More]

Carnedd | 'The Giant's Carn' | Carned Arthur
Two locations. [More]

  1. Carnedd Arthur - Folklore says it's Arthur's grave.
  2. Carnedd y Cawr - Alternative name for Yr Wyddfa Fawr.

Carnisy | Camoisin, Camoisson, Camousin, Camoysin, Carnisin
A castle. [More]

Carolhaise | Careiaise, Caroaise, Carohaise, Carohaize, Carohase, Caroiaise, etc.
A capital city. [More]

Two locations. [More]

  1. Carreg Coetan Arthur - A cromlech.
  2. Carreg Meibion Arthur - Marks of graves.

A region of southwest Scotland. [More]

A province. [More]

Cart | La Carete, Charete, Charete de la Nain, Chariot, Charite, Charrette, Charroie, etc.
One item, one location and one character. [More]

  1. Cart - Used for transportation.
  2. Cart Castle - A castle.
  3. Cart, Dwarf of the - Lancelot got a ride with him.

Carteloise | Canteloi, Carcelois, Carchelois, Cartelois, Karelois
Two locations. [More]

  1. Carteloise Castle - Earl Hernox's estate.
  2. Carteloise Forest - With a white hart and lions.

Carthage | Cartages
A city. [More]

Carvain | Karvain
Home of Queen Guenloie. [More]

A town and possibly a fort. [More]

Castel | Castle of Most Ill Adventure, Chastel de Pesme Aventure, etc.
Three locations. [More]

  1. Castel del Molin - A castle.
  2. Castel del Trespas - A castle.
  3. Castel of the Hevy Sorow A castle.

Castell Syberw | 'Proud Castle'
A castle. [More]

Castile | Castille
A kingdom. [More]

Castle | Chastel Tenebreus, Castle Dore, etc.
Seventy locations. [More]

  1. Castle Adventurous - A palace within Carbonek.
  2. Castle Blank - A castle.
  3. Castle Bliant - A castle.
  4. Castle-an-Dinas - A large Celtic hill fort.
  5. Castle, Chains - A fortress.
  6. Castle Dangerous - Dame Lyonors' residence.
  7. Castle, Dark - A castle.
  8. Castle de la Fleche - A castle.
  9. Castle Dor - An earthwork fort.
  10. Castle Eden - A village.
  11. Castle Field - A hill fort.
  12. Castle Flatting - A castle.
  13. Castle Gwyretheyrn - A castle.
  14. Castle Helyn - A castle.
  15. Castle Hutton - A castle.
  16. Castle Joyous - A fortress.
  17. Castle Key - An earthwork.
  18. Castle of Boys - An island castle.
  19. Castle of Case - A castle.
  20. Castle of Death - A castle.
  21. Castle of Elms - A castle.
  22. Castle of Enchantments - A castle.
  23. Castle of Joy - The Grail Castle.
  24. Castle of Ladies - Greomar's castle.
  25. Castle of Maidens - Three locations.
  26. Castle of Marvels - A castle.
  27. Castle of Nestor - A castle.
  28. Castle of Souls - The Grail Castle.
  29. Castle of Tears - A castle.
  30. Castle of Ten Knights - A strong castle.
  31. Castle of Ten Maidens - Geogenant's castle.
  32. Castle of the Ball - A manor near Cambenic.
  33. Castle of the Beards - A fortress.
  34. Castle of the Borderlands - Gawain fought here.
  35. Castle of the Deadly Bed - A castle.
  36. Castle of the Door - A castle visited by Gawain.
  37. Castle of the Enchantress - Two locations.
  38. Castle of the Fens - A castle.
  39. Castle of the Four Stones - A castle.
  40. Castle of the Galleys - A seaside castle.
  41. Castle of the Giants - A fortress.
  42. Castle of the Griffins - A fortress.
  43. Castle of the Guard - A castle.
  44. Castle of the Hard Rock - A castle.
  45. Castle of the Horn
    - Two locations.
  46. Castle of the Lake - A castle.
  47. Castle of the Marsh - A castle.
  48. Castle of the Mills - A group of mills in Ireland.
  49. Castle of the Moors - An Irish castle.
  50. Castle of the Most Ill Adventure - A castle.
  51. Castle of the Mountain - A castle.
  52. Castle of the Pass - A castle in Cornwall.
  53. Castle of the Plain - A fortress.
  54. Castle of the Rock - A castle.
  55. Castle of the Thorn - A castle.
  56. Castle of the Two Sisters - A castle.
  57. Castle of the Uncourteous Lady - A castle.
  58. Castle of the Whale - An island castle.
  59. Castle of Three Maidens - A castle.
  60. Castle Orguelleus - A castle.
  61. Castle Perilous - A castle.
  62. Castle Rushen - A castle.
  63. Castle Sauf - A castle.
  64. Castle Treacherous - A pagan castle.
  65. Castle Vortigern - A castle.
  66. Castle without a Name - A castle.

Castleford | Legiolium
A town. [More]

Cat Coit Celidon
Site of one of Arthur's battles. [More]

A region in Spain. [More]

A duchy. [More]

Site of a battle. [More]

A mountain range. [More]

A castle. [More]

A shorter form of Escavalon.

One folklore and one location. [More]

  1. Cave Legend - King Arthur is asleep in an enchanted cave.
  2. Cave of Lovers - A grotto.

Cavershall | Caverswall
A castle. [More]

A burial chamber. [More]

A lake. [More]

Celibe | Caleise, Celybe, Chelibe, Collybe, Seloude, Tibise
A forest. [More]

Celice | Celise, Colice
One character and one location. [More]

  1. Celice - A damsel of the Lady of the Lake.
  2. Celice - A river in the forest of Darnantes in Britain.

Celidon | Calidon
One character and one location. [More]

  1. Celidon - King of Greece.
  2. Celidon Wood - A wood to the north of Lincoln.

Celis | Celys
A castle. [More]

A city. [More]

Cell-y-Dewiniaid | 'The Grove of the Magicians'
A grove of oak trees. [More]

Celliwig | Calliwith, Celliwic, Celliwith, Kelliwig
A capital. [More]

Variant of both Celliwig and Kelliwic.

Cellydon | Celyddon
Ancient Welsh name for Scotland. [More]

Celtic Church
Term applied to the Church of Britain, Ireland and Brittany. [More]

A stream. [More]

Location in Britain. [More]

Cerrig | 'The Stones of Arthur's Knights'
Two locations. [More]

  1. Cerrig Marchogion - A group of standing stones in Dyfed.
  2. Cerrig Meibion Arthur - Two standing stones.

A forest. [More]

A town. [More]

Chains Castle
A fortress. See Castle, Chains.

Chalice Well, The
Located at Glastonbury Tor. [More]

Region of France. [More]

Champayne | Champagne, Guienne
A region in France. [More]

Changing Colors, Fountain of
Located near La Tour Quarée. [More]

See Canguin, Rock of.

Chapel | Capele la Fontaine Boillant, Chapel of the Demon
Nine locations. [More]

  1. Chapel, Desolate - Located on a mountain.
  2. Chapel of St. Augustine - A chapel.
  3. Chapel of the Black Hand - A chapel.
  4. Chapel of the Boiling Well - A chapel.
  5. Chapel of the Conjuration - A fiend.
  6. Chapel of the Lances - A church.
  7. Chapel of the Stone Cross - An old chapel.
  8. Chapel, Perilous - In the Perilous Cemetery.
  9. Chapel, Perilous - A chapel.

Chariot | Cart, Charroie, Charyot
Castle. [More]

Charity of Our Lady
A religious house. [More]

Charosque | Carasche, Charosche, Tarasque, Torasche
A castle. [More]

Charroie | Carroc, Carroie, Carroye, Chariot, Charroc, Charrot, Charroye, Charyot
A castle. [More]

A city. [More]

Chastel | Chastel as Pucheles
Twelve locations. [More]

  1. Chastel - Several locations.
  2. Chastel, Dames As or Chastel as Pucheles - Two castles.
  3. Chastel de Greomar - A castle.
  4. Chastel del Cor - A castle.
  5. Chastel de l'Espine - A castle.
  6. Chastel de l'Estroite Marche - A castle.
  7. Chastel de l'Estroite Voie - Scribal error.
  8. Chastel de la Mort - A castle.
  9. Chastel de la Tor Perrine - A castle.
  10. Chastel du Pre - A castle.
  11. Chastel en Gaule - A castle.
  12. Chastel Marte - A castle.

Two locations. [More]

  1. Château de la Charette - The castle of the Queen of Sorestan.
  2. Château de Morgan Le Fee, Le - A mirage.

Location of a natural spring. [More]

One location and two items. [More]

  1. Chessboard Castle - A fortress.
  2. Chessboard - A magical chessboard.
  3. Chessboard, Floating - Owned by King Wonder.

Chester | Caerlegion, Caerlleon, Caistor, Chestre, Deva
A court city. [More]

Chinon | Kinon
A city and castle. [More]

A town. [More]

Two locations [More]

  1. Church of the Deaths - In Lyonesse.
  2. Church of the Tombs - Visited by Lancelot.

Cicaverne | Cavernel, Ticaveme, Ticaverne, Tincaveme, Tincaverne, etc.
A castle. [More]

A castle. [More]

Cil | Kelcoed
One character and one location. [More]

  1. Cil Coed - Father of Llwyd.
  2. Cil-y-Coed - A forest.

Circular Valley
A valley. [More]

Cirenchester | Cirencester
Location. [More]

A land. [More]

Cist Arthur
A burial chamber. [More]

City | Citee of Nameles, Cite Sans Non, Citié sanz Non, The Nameless City
Three locations. [More]

  1. City of Souls - A city.
  2. City of the Legion(s) - Scene of a battle.
  3. City Without a Name - A city.

A town. [More]

Clarence | Clarance, Clarans, Clarenche, Clarens
A city or duchy. [More]

Clas Myrddin
An early name of England. [More]

Clear Fountain of Love | Clere Fonteine d'Amors
A fountain. [More]

A city. [More]

See under Deuee, La Tertre.

Clogwyn Carnedd yr Wydffa | 'The Precipice of the Carn Yr Wydffa'
A cairn. [More]

A land. [More]

Two locations. [More]

  1. Cluse - A mountain.
  2. Cluse - A land.

Coetan Arthur
A round barrow. [More]

Col du Chat | 'Cat's Neck'
Near Lake Bourget. [More]

Colchester | Camulodunum, Doleceste, Kaercolun
A city. [More]

A sea. [More]

A castle. [More]

Cologne | Coloigne, Coloine
A city. [More]

A field. [More]

Combe | Escombes
A forest. [More]

A French land. [More]

A place in the Forest of Broceliande. [More]

Compostela | Composterne
A Spanish land. [More]

An Irish country. [More]

Conisbrough | Cunungeberg, Kaerconan
A castle. [More]

"Conjuration, Chapel of the"
A fiend was conjured here. See "Chapel of the Conjuration".

Conlotebre | Conlouzebre, Zelegebres
A city. See Talebre.

Connacht | Connaught, Cúige Chonnacht
An Irish province. [More]

Constantinople | Byzantium, Constantinenoble, Costentineoble, etc.
One location and one character. [More]

  1. Constantinople - Capital city.
  2. Constantinople, Empress of - Owner of a magical stone.

Copper Tower
A monolith. [More]

A forest. [More]

Cordova | Cordewa
A city. [More]

Cork | Corque
A country in Ireland. [More]

A castle. [More]

Corneto | Cornette
A city or land. [More]

Cornouaille | Cornevalle, Cornewaile, Cornewayle, Cornoaille, etc.
French Cornwall. [More]

Cornwall. [More]

Cornwall | Cornewaile, Cornewall, Cornewalle, etc.
A region of Britain. [More]

One location and one character. [More]

  1. Cors - A castle or country.
  2. Cors Hundred Claws - A warrior.

A castle. [More]

Cotoatre | Cotatre, Cotovatre, Scottewatre
Trebuchet's home. [More]

A mount. [More]

Crasine | Clarysyn
City in Lorraine. [More]

A location in Kent. [More]

Crenefort | Crenefar
A castle. [More]

An island. [More]

Crimson Heath
Home of Fortimes. [More]

A castle. [More]

Cross | Crois
Three locations. [More]

  1. Cross - A hermitage.
  2. Cross - A location.
  3. Cross of the Fountain - A landmark.

Hermitage. [More]

Crossroads | Heath of the Crossroads
One location and one character. [More]

  1. Crossroads - A heath.
  2. "Crossroads, Damsel of the" - A damsel.

A castle. [More]

Crystal Isle | Island of Glass
Realm of Lord Moloas. [More]

Cubele | Noble, Tubele, Tubelle
Castle. [More]

Kingdom. [More]

Monastery. [More]

A region of Britain. [More]

Cummock | Cummingham
A region of Scotland. [More]

A fountain. [More]

Two locations. [More]

  1. Cwm Cawlwyd - A glen.
  2. Cwm Cerwyn - A valley or glen.

A place. [More]

Cyprus | Chipre, Cipre, Cypirs, Cypres, Cyprese, Syprus
Mediterranean nation. [More]

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