Places in the Arthurian Legends - E

Part of Salisbury Plain. [More]

East Anglia
A kingdom. [More]

Eastland | Sorestan
A location and a character. [More]

  1. Eastland - A kingdom.
  2. Eastland, Queen of - Friend of Morgan Le Fay.

Arthur was imprisoned here. [More]

Two locations. [More]

  1. Eden - The Grail Castle.
  2. Eden - A river.

Edinburgh | Castellum Puellarum, Dýn »ideann, Eidyn, Tenebroc
The Castle of Maidens. [More]

A castle. [More]

A country. [More]

A location. [More]

Egypt | Egypte, Egypticyens, Egyptien, Egyptien, Egyte
A country. [More]

Ehangwen | 'Wide and Spacious' | Ehangren
Arthur's hall. [More]

Mount of Eidyn. [More]

A fortress. [More]

Eildon Hills
Arthur sleeps under here. [More]

Correct Gaelic name for Ireland. [More]

Elam | Elamet, Elmaye
A kingdom. [More]

An Otherworld realm. [More]

Elledi | Ælecti, Electi, Elleti, Gledi
A town. [More]

A kingdom. [More]

Emhain Abhlach | 'Emhain of the Apple Trees' | Emhain Ebhlach
A paradisiacal land. [More]

A land. [More]

Encanteors, li Castel des
A castle. [More]

Enchanted Isle
Two locations. [More]

  1. Enchanted Isle - A fictional location.
  2. Enchanted Isle - Location of Arthurís afterlife.

England | d'Angleterre, Engelonde, Englond, Engleterre, Ingland, Ingelande, Inghitarre, etc.
The largest division of Britain. [More]

A castle. [More]

Entree Galesche | Entree de Gourre
A castle. [More]

Episford | Ailesford, Aylesford, Epsford
A ford. [More]

Ercildoune, Castle of | Rhymer's Tower
A castle. [More]

Region of Britain. [More]

A realm. [More]

Errant's Hermitage
A British Hermitage. [More]

Eryri | Erir, Heremi, Heremus, Herir, Heriri, Reir
A mountain. [More]

A city. [More]

Escalon li Tenebreux | Chastel Tenebreux, Escalon li Aaisies, Escalon li Envoisies, Escalon the Dark
A castle. [More]

A land. [More]

Escavalon | Acabalon, Ascalun, Cabalon, Catonais, Catonois, Cavalon, Cavillon, Escabalon, etc.
One location and four characters. [More]

  1. Escavalon - A subkingdom.
  2. Escavalon, King of
  3. Escavalon, Mayor and Magistrates
  4. Escavalon, Sister of the King of
  5. Escavalon, Vavasour(s) of the King of

Escoce | Escoche, Escolte, Escosce, Scote
A region. [More]

Escose | Escoce, Escoche, Escolte, Escosce, Scote
A city. [More]

Espine | Castel Lespine, Castel Thome, Castell de Lespine, Chastel de l'Espine, etc.
Four locations. [More]

  1. Espine - Two castles.
  2. Espine - A forest.
  3. Espine, la Blanche - A castle.

Espinoie | 'Thicket' | Forest of Lespinoye, La Forest del Espinoie
A forest. [More]

Essex | Eastsex
A region. [More]

Site of a battle. [More]

A region. [More]

Estral | Destraus, Estraus
A castle and land. [More]

Estrangor | Aesclamor, Eastrangore, Estraigorre, Estrangoire, Estrangore, etc.
Variant if Ille Estrange. [More]

Estre-Gales | Estregales
Kingdom of Lac. [More]

Estremores | Destramors, Estremors
A castle. [More]

A castle. [More]

l'Estroite | 'The Narrow March' | Castel of the Streyte Way, Chastel de l'Estroite Marche, etc.
One location and two characters. [More]

  1. l'Estroite Marche - A castle.
  2. l'Estroite Marche, Lord of - Had a custom.
  3. l'Estroite Marche, Damsel of - Needed to find a husband.
  4. l'Estroite Voie, le Chastel de - A castle

Ethiopia | Ethyope
A kingdom. [More]

A city. [More]

Etna, Mount
In Italy. [More]

Euphrates | Eufraite, Eufrate, Eufraten
A river. [More]

Europe the Large
A kingdom. [More]

Evalachin | Alongines, Lachin, Valacin, Valencin
A castle. [More]

Perhaps York. [More]

York. [More]

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