Places in the Arthurian Legends - F

Faerie | Faérie
One of Arthur's courts. [More]

Fair | Belle Garde, Belle Regarde, Biau Desconneü, Landebele, Le Bel Inconnu, etc.
Two locations and two characters. [More]

  1. Fair Guard - A castle occupied by Morgan le Fay.
  2. Fair Heath - A forest.
  3. Fair Maid of Astolat - Elaine the White.
  4. Fair Unknown - Guinglain's nickname.

Fairies Fountain | Fontaine as Fées
A fountain. [More]

Fairy | Faerie Knight, Fairyland
Four locations and three characters. [More]

  1. Fairy Isle - An island populated by fairies.
  2. Fairy King - Lover of Morgan Le Fay.
  3. Fairy Knight - Arthur's grandson.
  4. Fairy Land - A realm in Spenser's Faerie Queene.
  5. Fairyland - Home of Pulzella Gaia.
  6. Fairy Queen - Caelia and Gloriana.
  7. Fairy Rock - A town ruled by Orguelleus the Fay.

Falerne | Palerne, Salegne, Salergne, Salerne, Salerno
Two locations. [More]

  1. Falerne - A city.
  2. Falerne, La - A castle.

The Isle of Man. [More]

A town. [More]

A plain. [More]

Famagusta | Famacoste
A city. [More]

A castle. [More]

Faux Amants, Val des
See Val Sans Retour.

Fearless Keep
A castle. [More]

An adventure and one location. [More]

  1. Fearsome Kiss - An adventure.
  2. Fearsome Vale - A castle.

Felon Castle
See Treacherous Castle.

Fer | 'Fire'
A castle. [More]

A castle. [More]

Fermoracco della Piemontana
A fortress. [More]

A village. [More]

A city. [More]

Ffynnon Cegin Arthur
A well. [More]

Field | Champ del Lion
Three locations. [More]

  1. Field of the Lion - A property.
  2. Field of the Silks - Location of a tournament.
  3. Field of the Tent - Location of a tournament.

A castle. [More]

Fir Forest | Sapine
A castle. [More]

Flanders | Flandres, Flaundrys
A country. [More]

A city. [More]

Flanmesgues | Flamingue, Flavinghe, Flavingue, Floene
Former name of Flandres. [More]

Fleche, Castle de la
See Castle de La Fleche.

A forest. [More]

A castle. [More]

A castle. [More]

Florega | Floego
A location. [More]

One location and one character. [More]

  1. Florence - A city.
  2. Florence - Knight of the Round Table.

Floudehueg | Flodece, Flodehug, Flori de Heieng, Flou de Huenegue
A seaport. [More]

Flowers of the Wilderness
A duchy. [More]

A realm. [More]

Foix | Foise
A region in France. [More]

Fontaine | Fontaine as Fees, Fontaine qui Boilloit
Nine locations. [More]

  1. Fontaine, La - Five locations.
  2. Fontaine aux Fees, La - Located beneath a sycamore.
  3. Fontaine Boillant, La - The Boiling Well.
  4. Fontaine des Deux Sycamores - A brook.
  5. Fontaine des Deux Sycamors - At the Forest Perilous..

Fontane la Salvæsche | 'Wild Fountain'
A forest fountain. [More]

Ford | Gué d'Aventures, Gués del Sanc, Aigue de la Forest
One character and four locations. [More]

  1. Ford, Knight and Damsel of the - Guardian of a ford.
  2. Ford of Adventures - Location of a tournament.
  3. Ford of Blood - A ford.
  4. Ford of the Forest - A ford.
  5. Ford of the Woods - A ford.

A country. [More]

Foreign | La Terre Forraine, Foraine, Strange Land
Two locations. [More]

  1. Foreign Land - Maante is the capital.
  2. Foreign Port - Home of Faran.

Forest | Forest de l'Espinoie, Forest Sans Retour, etc.
Twenty-one locations. [More]

  1. Forest Aventureuse, La - Two locations.
  2. Forest des Quatre Pilers - A forest
  3. Forest Desvoiable - A forest.
  4. Forest, la Gaste, Aventurosse - A forest.
  5. Forest, la Gaste, Soutaine - A forest.
  6. Forest Gastee, La - A forest.
  7. Forest of Adventures - A forest.
  8. Forest of Brambles - A forest.
  9. Forest of Darnantes - A forest.
  10. Forest of Misadventures - A forest.
  11. Forest of No Return - Called the Perilous Forest.
  12. Forest of Serpents - A forest.
  13. Forest of Shadows - Home of the Red Knight.
  14. Forest of the Boiling Well - A forest.
  15. Forest of the Pine - A forest.
  16. Forest of the Three Perils - A forest.
  17. Forest Perdue - A forest.
  18. Forest Perilleuse - A forest.
  19. Forest Salveage, La - A forest.
  20. Forest, Waste - A forest.

Fors Graviers
A castle. [More]

Fort | Caer Wydyr
Two locations. [More]

  1. Fort of Carousal - A castle.
  2. Fort of Glass - A city.

Forth, Firth of
See Cotoatre.

Two locations. [More]

  1. Fortress - A castle.
  2. Fortress of Marvels - A fortress.

One character and one location. [More]

  1. Fortune - Often a woman.
  2. Fortune - A castle.

Fountain | Fontaine Brahaigne, Fontaine des Merveilles, Fountain of the Youth
Sixteen locations. [More]

  1. Fountain of Adventures - In the forest of Darnantes.
  2. Fountain of Changing Colors - A fountain.
  3. Fountain of Guiron the Courteous - A fountain.
  4. Fountain of Infertility - A magical spring in Logres.
  5. Fountain of Marvels - Two locations.
  6. Fountain of the Dragon - A fountain in Lyonesse.
  7. Fountain of the Lion - A Cornish fountain.
  8. Fountain of the Pine - A spring.
  9. Fountain of the Shade - A Cornish fountain.
  10. Fountain of the Silver Pipe -
  11. Fountain of the Stag - A spring in Cornwall.
  12. Fountain of the Truth of Love - Created by Merlin.
  13. Fountain of Valesca - A fountain.
  14. Fountain of Youth - Probably two locations.

One character, one item and one location. [More]

  1. Four Beards - Nickname of Bruant.
  2. Four Gospels - A holy book.
  3. Four Stones, Castle of - A castle.

A river. [More]

France | Francia, Fraunce, Frauns, Gaul, Gallia
A country. [More]

Franchise Tristan
A country. [More]

Frans | Destrans, Destraus, Estrans
A kingdom. [More]

Freeborough Hill
A hill. [More]

A field. [More]

Fregulla Vittorioso
A fortress. [More]

Fres Marés | 'Fresh Pond'
A castle. [More]

Friesland | Fres, Frisia
A province. [More]

A city. [More]

Fyfnnon Fawr | 'Our Lady's Well'
A spring. [More]

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