Places in the Arthurian Legends - H

Hainault | Hainaut
A province. [More]

Hall of Statues
A chamber in a grotto. [More]

A port. [More]

A land. [More]

Hard Rock
A castle. See Castle of the Hard Rock.

Hardole | Ladol, Radole, Rodole
A place. [More]

Harpe | Harp Castle, Herpe
One location and one character. [More]

  1. Harpe, Castel de - A castle.
  2. Harpe, Damoiselle Š La - A castelaine.

One character and one location. [More]

  1. Hart - A stag.
  2. Hart Fell - A mountain.

Castle. [More]

Group of islands. [More]

Hedged Manor
Two locations. [More]

  1. Hedged Manor - A residence.
  2. Hedged Manor - Home of Brinol.

Hel Tor
A hill. [More]

A perilous river. [More]

Help the Poor | Help for the Poor, Secors as Povres
The Small Charity abbey. [More]

Hemelian | Emelianz, Emelyant, Hemelians
A castle. [More]

Hen | 'Old Comrade', 'Old Face', 'Old Servant', 'Old Skin', 'Old Walker' | Henwen
Six characters and one location. [More]

  1. Hen Beddestyr - A warrior.
  2. Hen Gedymeddeith - A warrior.
  3. Hen Groen - A warrior.
  4. Hen Ogledd, Yr - A region.
  5. Hen Was the Swift - A warrior.
  6. HÍn Wen - A pig.
  7. Hen Wyneb - A warrior.

Hereford | Herford
A city. [More]

A region. [More]

Hermit | Ermite, Hermit Uncle, Hermit of the Thicket, Hermite, Fontaine a'Ermite, etc.
Six characters and two locations. [More]

  1. Hermit - Anonymous characters.
  2. Hermit de Plaisseis - A hermit.
  3. Hermit King - Percevalís uncle.
  4. Hermit of the Hedge - A knight.
  5. Hermit of the Red Mountain - A hermit.
  6. Hermit's Cross - Home of Gais the Large.
  7. Hermit's Spring - A fountain.
  8. Prud'homme - Anonymous characters.

Hermitage | Ermitage
Two locations. [More]

  1. Hermitage of the Hedge - Kay was released here.
  2. Hermitage of the Mount - An abbey.

One character and one location. [More]

  1. Hewin - A duke.
  2. Hewin, Castle - In Cumberland.

Hidden Island
In the Uziano Sea. [More]

High | Haus Murs, Haute Moore, Haute Montaigne, Haute Montaingne, Haut Moor, Haut Mur
One character and four locations. [More]

  1. High Mountain, Count of the - A nobleman.
  2. High Rock - A castle.
  3. High Walls - A castle.
  4. High Wild Forest - A domain.
  5. High Wood - A location.

Highlands of Hell
Home of Hags. [More]

An area of Hayling Island. [More]

Hill | Mons du Chat, Tertre as Caitis
Four locations. [More]

  1. Hill Castle - A lair.
  2. Hill of the Cat - A location.
  3. Hill of the Spring - A location.
  4. Hill of Wretches - A residence.

Hoddam | Hoddem
The episcopal seat of Saint Kentigern. [More]

Part of Arthurís empire. [More]

Holy | Graal, Graaus, Graaux, Graus, Gradale, Greal, GraÔ, Grasal, GrŽaus, Sangradale, Sangreal
Four locations and four items. [More]

  1. Holy Blood - Bloodline.
  2. Holy Cemetery - A graveyard and church.
  3. Holy Grail - A mystical dish or cauldron of plenty.
  4. Holy Herb - King Bagdemagus finds this.
  5. Holy Island of Saint Cuthbert
  6. Holy Lance - The Lance of Longinus'.
  7. Holy Land - Israel and Palestine.
  8. Holy Thorn - or Glastonbury Thorn.

Hongrefort | Hungerford
Castle. [More]

Hoselice | Cocelice, Haucelice, Hocelice, Hoceliche, Hoelice, Hofelice, etc.
Two locations. [More]

  1. Hoselice - Wales.
  2. Hoselice - A Saxon kingdom.

A castle. [More]

House | la Maison de Religion
Five locations. [More]

  1. House of Holiness - A spiritual house.
  2. House of Pride - A palace.
  3. House of Religion - A spiritual house.
  4. House of Riches - Ruled by Mammon.
  5. House of Temperance - Visited by Arthur.

Hueil | Huail
One character and one location. [More]

  1. Hueil - Son of Caw.
  2. Hueil's Stone - A stone.

Humber | Hombre, Honbre, Humbre, Ombre
One character and one location. [More]

  1. Humber - Leader of Huns.
  2. Humber - A river.

Hungary | Bougrie, Hongherie, Hongrie, Honguerie, Hungre, Hungri, Hungrie
Country on the European Continent. [More]

Hunting | Damoiselle Cacheresse
One location and two characters. [More]

  1. Hunting Causeway - A haunted road.
  2. Hunting Knight - An alias.
  3. Hunting Maiden - An alias.

A forest. [More]

Hutton, Castle
See Castle Hutton.

A Celtic kingdom. [More]

Hyrcania | Ertayne, Irritaine
A Persian province. [More]

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