Places in the Arthurian Legends - N

Nadras | Nadres
A place. [More]

A land. [More]

A land. [More]

Nantes | Anantes, Anetans, Nante, Nantoel, Natanc, Nauntes
One location and one character. [More]

  1. Nantes - A city.
  2. Nantes, Bishop of - He crowned Erec.

A city. [More]

Narrow | Chastel Estroit, Chastel Etroit, Estroit Marche, Gaut Destroit, etc.
Five locations. [More]

  1. Narrow Borderland - A castle and land.
  2. Narrow Castle - A fortress.
  3. Narrow Mountain - A mountain.
  4. Narrow Way - A castle.
  5. Narrow Wood - A castle.

A kingdom. [More]

Naube | Maube, Nanbe, Nauve
A forest. [More]

Navarre | Nauerne
An area in Europe. [More]

A city. [More]

Neglay, Port
See Pomeglay.

Neorange | Brioigne, Neorrange, Nocorrange, Nocorringue, Notorenge, Motoringe, Notoringue
A valley. [More]

Nertach | 'Strong' | Nerthach
One character and one location. [More]

  1. Nertach - A warrior.
  2. Nertach - A city.

A mountain. [More]

Two characters and one location. [More]

  1. Nestor, Castle of - Built by Galehaut.
  2. Nestor of Gannes - Father of Bleoberis.
  3. Nestor of the Fountain - Son of Bleoberis.

Normandy. [More]

Neuve Ferte | La Noeve Ferte de Borcerliande, Newewerke in Brochelonde, etc.
A castle. [More]

Nevern | Nyfer
A river. [More]

A location. [More]

New | Le Noef Castel, Tavola Nuovo
Two locations and one item. [More]

  1. New Castle - A castle.
  2. New Castle - A castle.
  3. New Table - The Round Table.

A city. [More]

Nigramous, Castle | Nygramous
A castle. [More]

Nile | Nil
A river. [More]

Niniveh | Nineve, Nineveh, Ninus
Capital. [More]

One location and one character. [More]

  1. Noauz - Site of a tournament.
  2. Noauz, Lady of - She arranged the tournament.

Nohaut | Nohalt, Nohant, Norham, Norhan, Norhant, Norhaut
One location and one character. [More]

  1. Nohaut - A duchy.
  2. Nohaut, Lady of - Ruler of Nohaut.

Nordelone | Godelone
A city. [More]

A region. [More]

A place. [More]

Norgales | North Wales, Northgalis
One location and three characters. [More]

  1. Norgales - A subkingdom.
  2. Norgales, Daughter of the King of - Gawain's lover.
  3. Norgales, Handmaid of the Daughter of the King of
  4. Norgales, Queen of - One of the kidnaped queens.

Norholt | Norhout, Norot
One location and one character. [More]

  1. Norholt - A city.
  2. Norholt, Count of - Ordered the death of Meliodas.

A kingdom. [More]

Normandy | Normandie, Normandye, Normendie, Normondye
A region. [More]

Norois | la Terre as Norois, la Terre au Norois
A lands. [More]

North | Cauchie Norgalois, Norgales, Norgalis, Norgoise, North Wales Bridge, Northgales, etc.
Three locations. [More]

  1. North Marches - Subkingdom.
  2. North Wales - Part of Wales.
  3. North Wales Causeway - A bridge.

A kingdom. [More]

Northland | Northmen
A kingdom. [See Northmen]

Northumberland | Hortoberlande, Norhomberlande, Norhorbelande, Nortduberlande, Nortellande, etc.
Two locations. [More]

  1. Northumberland - A kingdom.
  2. Northumberland, Forest of - Blaise's home.

A kingdom. [More]

Norway | Norauge, Norbellande, Norogue, Norvaga, Norvegue, Norwaga, Norwage, Norwei, Norwey
A country. [More]

Nottingham | Nortigean, Notigehan
A city. [More]

Nouquestran | Noquetrant, Nouquetrant
A mountain. [More]

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