Places in the Arthurian Legends - O

A land. [More]

A castle. [More]

Two locations. [More]

  1. Ogof Lanciau Eryri - A cave.
  2. Ogof Myrddin - A hill.

Ogo'r Dinas
A cave. [More]

Oléron | Olyroun
An island. [More]

A city. [More]

Oraste Gentesin
A swampland. [More]

One person and a location. [More]

  1. Orbellanda - Ancestor of three knights.
  2. Orbellanda - A country.

Orberica | Betique, Orberike, Orberique, Reting
Birthplace of Sarrassinte. [More]

Orcage | Arrage
A land. [More]

Orcanie | Orcaine
A city. [More]

A city. [More]

Residence of Lady Fortune. [More]

Orduale Besco
A castle. [More]

King Pelles’ country. [More]

A castle. [More]

Orguelleus | 'Proud' | Orguellous, Orguelleus the Fay, Orguelleus of La Lander, Orilus of Lalander, etc.
One location and three characters. [More]

  1. Orguelleus - A castle.
  2. Orguelleus of the Heath - A knight.
  3. Orguelleus of the Narrow Passage - A guardian.
  4. Orguelleus the Fairy - A knight.

Orguellouse, Emprise | L'Emprise Orguellouse
A castle. [More]

Orgulous Castle | Orguellous, Orgulus, The Proud Castle
A castle. [More]

A pagan island. [More]

A river. [More]

Orion's Belt
A star constellation. [More]

Orkneys | Dorkain, Dorkaine, Dorkaines, Orcaine, Orcania, Orcanie, Orcany, Orchaine, Orkenise, etc.
A group of islands. [More]

Ornagrine | Onagrine, Oragrine, Orriagrine
One character and one location. [More]

  1. Ornagrine - An island.
  2. Ornagrine - A damsel.

Orofoise | Orefoise, Orofaise
One location and one character. [More]

  1. Orofoise - A country.
  2. Orofoise, Countess of - And her sister.

Orquenseles | Orkenise, Orquelenes, Orqueneseles, Orquenise
A city. [More]

Oscure | Obscure, Ocire, Ousque
A river. [More]

A port. [More]

Osteun | Oston, Ostun, Otun
A city. [More]

Otherworld, The
The Land of the Dead. [More]

Out Isles
One location and one character. [More]

  1. Out Isles - Off the coast of Britain.
  2. Out Isles, Queen of the - She kidnaped Lancelot.

Outre | Destregales, Estre-Gales, Further Wales, Outer Shadows, Outer Wales
Two locations. [More]

  1. Outre-Gales - A kingdom.
  2. Outre-Ombre - A kingdom.

Oxen Ford
Castle Sindenart. [More]

Oxford | Galafort, Gue de Bois, Gue des Bos, Lo Gue des Boes, Ocxenefort, Oscenefort, Osinefort, etc.
A city. [More]

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