1. Richard

      A count in Arthur's service.

    2. Richard

      Arthur's cousin in the Prose Brut. Arthur bestowed several Gaulish lands upon him.

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    3. Richard

      An Irish count who directed two of Vortigern's messengers, Ruggieri and Labegues, to Northumberland, where Merlin had been born.

    4. Richard

      In the Prophécies de Merlin, the son of the King of Jerusalem.

      The king of Baghdad invaded his lands. He was sent by the Pope on a diplomatic mission to Arthur's court to obtain aid for Jerusalem which was menaced by the King of Baudec. A force under Henry the Courtly was sent to help Jerusalem.

      When Richard became King of Jerusalem himself, he attacked Sarras but, as no Crusader was able to defeat the gigantic ruler, Alchendic, a truce ensued.