Items in the Arthurian Legends - B

Balin | The Knight with the Two Swords | Balaain, Balaan
One character and one item. [More]

  1. Balin le Savage - Knight with the Two Swords.
  2. Balin's Sword - Given by a damsel.

Ballad of the Rose
A ballad. [More]

Ban | Bane, Bans, Bando, Bano, Liban, Pant
Two characters and one item. [More]

  1. Ban - King of Benwick.
  2. Ban - King of Gomeret.
  3. Ban's Crown - Ban of Benwick's Crown.

Beneoiz | Bene´z
A magical drinking horn. [More]

Black | Ancient Chapel, Black Cross, Roche Noire
Eleven locations, twenty characters and one item. [More]

  1. Black Chapel - Arthur was taken here.
  2. Black Cross, The - A monument.
  3. Black Cross, Abbey of the - In Cornwall.
  4. Black Forest - In Germany.
  5. Black Forest - In Britain.
  6. Black Hag - Daughter of the White Hag.
  7. Black Hand, Chapel of the - Built by Brangemore of Cornwall.
  8. Black Hermit - A demonic lord.
  9. Black Horse - A symbol?
  10. Black Isle - Isle of Glass.
  11. Black Isles - Ruled by Lac.
  12. Black Knight - Fifteen characters.
  13. Black Man - A giant.
  14. Black Mountain - In Scotland.
  15. Black Mountain - Home of a doctor.
  16. Black Oppressor - A duke.
  17. Black Rock - A castle.
  18. Black Serpent of the Barrow - A snake.

Bleeding Lance, The | Avenging Lance
The Lance of Longinus. [More]

Book | The Gospels
Three items. [More]

  1. Book Containing the History of the Grail, A
  2. Book of Geoffrey of Monmouth - Arthur finds this.
  3. Book of the Four Evangelists [Gospels], The

Boudwin | Bodwyne, Boudin
One character and one item. [More]

  1. Boudwin - Prince of Cornwall.
  2. Boudwin's Doublet and Shirt - Given to Alisander.

Broken Sword | Espee Brisiee
Wherewith Joseph was stricken through the thigh. [More]

Bronllavyn Short Broad | Bronllafyn
A knife. [More]

A sword. [More]

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