Items in the Arthurian Legends - C

Cadair, Neu car Morgan Mwynfawr
The chair or car of Morgan Mwynfawr. [More]

Caladbolg | Caladcholg
The magical sword carried by Cú Chulainn. [More]

A sword. [More]

Arthur’s sword. [More]

Caliburn | Caliborne, Caliburnus, Esalabor
A sword. [More]

Cancon de la Royne Genievre | 'Song about Queen Genievre'
A song. [More]

Cart | La Carete, Charete, Charete de la Nain, Chariot, Charite, Charrette, Charroie, etc.
One item, one location and one character. [More]

  1. Cart - Used for transportation.
  2. Cart Castle - A castle on the border of Gorre.
  3. Cart, Dwarf of the - Lancelot got a ride with him.

Carwenham | Carnwennan, Carwennan
A dagger. [More]

Enchanted objects in several episodes in Welsh legend. [More]

A sword. [More]

One location and three items. [More]

  1. Chessboard Castle - A fortress visited by Perceval.
  2. Chessboard - A magical chessboard.
  3. Chessboard, Floating - Owned by King Wonder.
  4. Chessboard, Magic - Created by Guinebal.

Circle of Gold
The thorn of crowns. [More]

A sword. [More]

Club of Iron
A weapon. [More]

Coats of Arms
A way of recognizing a friend from foe. [More]

Coreuseus | 'Fury' | Courechouse, Coureucese, etc.
A sword. [More]

Corn Brangaled
A drinking-horn. [More]

Cortaine | 'Shortened' | Cortana
A sword. [More]

Crown of Gold
Found by Sir Melias. [More]

Cuckold's Horn
A magical horn. [More]

Curetana | 'The Cutter'
A sword. [More]

Cyllel Llawfrodedd
A knife. [More]

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