Items in the Arthurian Legends - F

Feared Seat | Sieges Redoutez
A seat at the Grail Table. [More]

Fisher | Grail King, Rich Fisher, Rich Fisherman, etc.
Four characters and three items. [More]

  1. Fisher King - Also known as the Grail King.
  2. Fisher King's Candlesticks - An item in the Grail procession.
  3. Fisher King's Carving-Dish - An item in the Grail procession.
  4. Fisher King's Father - He ate only one Mass wafer per meal.
  5. Fisher King's Niece - She sent the Fisher King a sword.
  6. Fisher King's Oarsman - A silent man.
  7. Fisher King's Table

Fleurs de Lis | 'Lillies'
A symbol. [More]

Floating Chessboard
See Chessboard, Floating.

One character and one item. [More]

  1. Florent - Arthurian knight.
  2. Florent - A great sword.

One character, one item and one location. [More]

  1. Four Beards - Nickname of Bruant.
  2. Four Gospels - A holy book.
  3. Four Stones, Castle of - A castle.

Fulberta | 'Well-shaped'
A sword. [More]

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