Items in the Arthurian Legends - G

Galatine | Galantine, Galantyne, Galuth
A sword. [More]

Gareth | Beaumains, Carahés, Charahes, Charehes, Charheries, Gahereth, etc.
Two characters and one item. [More]

  1. Gareth of Orkney - Knight of the Round Table.
  2. Gareth's Dwarf - Gareth's servant.
  3. Gareth's Sword - A noble sword.

Gawaine | Balbhuaidh, Calliano, Calvano, Chalvano, Gagains, Galvagin, etc.
Two characters and four items. [More]

  1. Gawaine - One of Arthur's most prominent knights.
  2. Gawaine and the Green Knight - A romance.
  3. Gawaine's Chessboard Shield and Ivory Pieces
  4. Gawaine's Girdle - Given to Gawaine.
  5. Gawaine's Herb - With healing powers.
  6. Gawaine's Shield - With a holy image.
  7. Gawaine's Wife - With an enchantment.

Giant | Coat of Kirtle, Giant's Rock, Jaians, Jaiant sans nom, Jaianz, Tour aux Geants
Four characters, one item and nine locations. [More]

  1. Giant - First rulers of Britain.
  2. Giant of Mont Saint Michel - In Brittany.
  3. Giant of Mont Saint Michel, Coat of the
  4. Giant's Cross - A monument.
  5. Giant's Dance - Stonehenge.
  6. Giant's Fountain - A spring.
  7. Giant's Isle - One of the Distant Isles.
  8. Giant's Knoll - A hill.
  9. Giant's Ring - Stonehenge.
  10. Giant's Rock - On the Island of Servage.
  11. Giant's Tower - Two locations.
  12. Giant of the Black Lowe - A giant.
  13. Giant without a Name - A giant.

Girdles for King David's Sword
See David's Sword and Scabbard.

An egg. [More]

One character and one item. [More]

  1. Glas - A dog.
  2. Glas - A sword.

Glastonbury | Glasenbury, Glashenburye, Glassthenbery, Glastonbery, Glastynbury, Glestingaburg
One character, five locations and two items. [More]

  1. Glastonbury - A small town in Somerset county.
  2. Glastonbury Abbey and Church - A small abbey.
  3. Glastonbury, Abbot of - Friend of Gildas.
  4. Glastonbury Cross - Arthur's grave cross.
  5. Glastonbury Grave - Arthur's resting place.
  6. Glastonbury Thorn - A tree planted by Joseph.
  7. Glastonbury Tor - A hill from Roman times.
  8. Glastonbury Zodiac - Giant figures in nature.

Gleisyad | Gleisad
One character and one item. [More]

  1. Gleisyad - A dog.
  2. Gleisyad - A sword.

Glessig | Glesing, Glessic
One character and one item. [More]

  1. Glessig - A dog.
  2. Glessig - A sword.

Used as challenges to trial by combat. [More]

Golden | Golden Island, Ile d'Or
Two items, one location and two characters. [More]

  1. Golden Dragon - A standard.
  2. Golden Eagle - A standard.
  3. Golden Isle - An island and castle.
  4. Golden Ring, Youth with the - A knight.
  5. Golden-Tounged Knights - A trio of Arthur's knights.

Gorleg yr Halen | 'Prelude of (the) Salt'
A song. [More]

Goswhit | 'Goose white' | Gooswhite
A helmet. [More]

Grail | Graal, Graaus, Graaux, Gradale, Graï, Grasal, Greal, Grëaus, Sangradale, Sangreal
Four items, two locations, six characters and three events. [More]

  1. Grail - A mystical dish or cauldron.
  2. Grail Castle - Carbonek.
  3. Grail Family - Charged to protect the Grail.
  4. Grail Hero - A knight.
  5. Grail Keeper - Guardian of the Grail.
  6. Grail King - Leader of the Grail Family.
  7. Grail Kingdom - A land.
  8. Grail Knights - or Templars.
  9. Grail Legend, The - The Grail Quest.
  10. Grail Maiden - Part of the Grail Procession.
  11. Grail Procession - Not for everyone to see.
  12. Grail Question - Questions to ask the Fisher King.
  13. Grail Spear - The Bleeding Lance.
  14. Grail Sword - Part of the Grail Quest.
  15. Grail Table - Modeled after the table of the Last Supper.

Green | Bois Verdoyant, Busco Verdulant, Vert Chevalier
Four locations, three characters and one item. [More]

  1. Green Chapel - Where Gawain met the Green Knight.
  2. Green Island - The realm of King Flois.
  3. Green Knight - Alias of Cladain the Green.
  4. Green Knight - Son of Ironside.
  5. Green Knight - Alias of Pertelope.
  6. Green Meadow - A land.
  7. Green Wood - A castle.
  8. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight - A famous poem.

Guenevere | Gainor, Gainovere, Ganora, Gaynor, Gaynore, Genever, Genievre, Genoyre, Ginevra, etc.
Two characters and three items. [More]

  1. Guenevere - A little-used variant of Guinevere.
  2. Guenevere's Comb - Left as a marker.
  3. Guenevere's Mother - The ghost of her mother.
  4. Guenevere's Shield - A gift from the Lady of the Lake.
  5. Guenevere's Sleeve - Her token to Lancelot.

Guiromelant | Geromelans, Geromelant, Giremelanz, Giromelans, Grinomelant, Guiremelanz, etc.
Two characters and one item. [More]

  1. Guiromelant - An aide to King Amant.
  2. Guiromelant - A knight who hated Gawain.
  3. Guiromelant's Ring - Given to Gawain.

Gwen | Gwenn
Two characters and one item. [More]

  1. Gwen - A mantle.
  2. Gwen - Arthur grandmother.
  3. Gwen Pendragon - An enchanter.

Gwenn | 'White', 'White Flood', 'White Swan' | Gwen
One item and three characters. [More]

  1. Gwenn - A white mantle.
  2. Gwenn - Grandmother of Arthur.
  3. Gwenn Alarch - Lady at Arthur's court.
  4. Gwenn Lliant - Lady at Arthur's court.

A board game. [More]

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