Items in the Arthurian Legends - H

Helyes | Elias, Helyes li Toulousans, Helyes nes de Toulouse
Two characters and one item. [More]

  1. Helyes - A king.
  2. Helyes of Thoulouse - A clerk.
  3. Helyes' Book - A powerful book.

The Sword of Hercules. [More]

Hogalen Tudno
The whetstone of Tudno. [More]

Holy | Graal, Graaus, Graaux, Graus, Gradale, Greal, GraÔ, Grasal, GrŽaus, Sangradale, Sangreal
Four locations and four items. [More]

  1. Holy Blood - Bloodline.
  2. Holy Cemetery - A graveyard and church.
  3. Holy Grail - A mystical dish or cauldron of plenty.
  4. Holy Herb - King Bagdemagus finds this.
  5. Holy Island of Saint Cuthbert
  6. Holy Lance - The Lance of Longinus'.
  7. Holy Land - Israel and Palestine.
  8. Holy Thorn - or Glastonbury Thorn.

A sword. [More]

Horn | Horn of Brangaled, Corn Brangaled
Two characters and four items. [More]

  1. Horn - Hengistís brother.
  2. Horn, Knight with the - A knight.
  3. Horn of Bran Galad - One of the Thirteen Treasures of Britain.
  4. Horn of Elephant's Bone - Near Castle Dangerous.
  5. Horn of Ivory - At the Castle of Maidens.
  6. Horn of Lady Tristerat of Savoy - A magical horn.

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