Items in the Arthurian Legends - M

Four items and one event. [More]

  1. Magic Boar's Head - Named in a child ballad.
  2. Magic Chessboard - Gwenbaus made it.
  3. Magic Dance - An enchantment.
  4. Magic Gold Horn - Named in a child ballad.
  5. Magic Mantle - Named in a child ballad.

One character and one item. [More]

  1. Maledisant - A damsel.
  2. Maledisant's Shield - A shield.

Mantell | Gwenn
A robe. [More]

Mantle | Mantle of Arthur, Llen Arthyr yng Ngernyw
Two items. [More]

  1. Mantle(s) - Used often for chastity tests.
  2. Mantle of Invisibility - A cloak.

Marmyadose | Marandois, Marandoise, Marmiadoise, Marmydoyse, Marundois
A sword. [More]

One location and one item. [More]

  1. Marvelous Ball - A hill.
  2. Marvelous Stone - Used by Yvain.

Memory of Blood | Memoire de Sanc, Mover of Blood
A scabbard. [More]

Merlin | Bryn Myrddin, Marlyn, Melior, Mellin, Mellins, Merdhin, Merlin Ambrosius, etc.
One character, four items and fifteen locations. [More]

  1. Merlin - The bard, enchanter...
  2. Merlin's Bed - It caused madness.
  3. Merlin's Cave - Said to be haunted.
  4. Merlin, Castel - Castle.
  5. Merlin's Castle - A castle.
  6. Merlin's Hill - Merlin's birthplace.
  7. Merlin's Hill Cave - Burial place.
  8. Merlin's Island - Or Island of Marvels.
  9. Merlin's Mount - Burial place.
  10. Merlin's Precinct - A name for Britain.
  11. "Merlin's Rock" - Cornwall.
  12. Merlin's Songs - A collection.
  13. Merlin's Spring - In Brittany.
  14. Merlin's Stone - Which the Sword in the Stone were placed.
  15. Merlin's Stones - Six stones in Britain.
  16. Merlin's Tomb - Burial place.
  17. Merlin's Tower - Two locations.
  18. Merlin's Treasure - Hidden in a cave.
  19. Merlin's Tree - In Carmarthen.
  20. Merlin's Wilderness - A forest.

Modrwy Eluned
The ring of Eluned. [More]

Three units of currency. [More]

Mont | 'Mountain of the Cat', 'Cat Mountain' | Molait, Mont Lair, Mouloir
Three locations, one item and one character. [More]

  1. Mont du Chat - A site in the Alps.
  2. Mont Loir - A castle.
  3. Mont St. Michel - A hill.
  4. Mont St. Michel, Coat of the Giant of - A coat
  5. Mont St. Michel, Giant of - A Spanish giant.

Morgan Le Fay | 'Morgan the Fairy' | Feimurgan, Marguel, Morgain, Morgaine, Morgana, Morganna, etc.
Two characters, two locations and six items. [More]

  1. Morgan Le Fay - Arthur's halfsister and a necromancer.
  2. Morgan's Castle
  3. Morgan's Chapel
  4. Morgan's Damsel and Mantle
  5. Morgan's Drinking Horn
  6. Morgan's Ointment(s)
  7. Morgan's Powder
  8. Morgan's Ring
  9. Morgan's Shield

Mortal | Marte
One location and one item. [More]

  1. Mortal - A castle.
  2. Mortal Lay - Composed by Tristan.

Mwys Gwyddno
A hamper or basket. [More]

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