Items in the Arthurian Legends - R

Rhongomynyad | 'Cutting Spear' | Rhomgonyant, Rhongomiant, etc.
A spear. [More]

One character and one item. [More]

  1. Rhygenydd - A cleric.
  2. Rhygenydd, Crock and Dish of - One of the Thirteen Treasures.

Two items. [More]

  1. Ring - Tokens.
  2. Ring of Dispel - Magical item.

A lance or a spear. [More]

Round | Montaigne Reonde, Ronde Montaigne, Tavola Ritonda
Two locations, one item, one event and one character. [More]

  1. Round Mountain - Site of a hermitage.
  2. Round Pine - A tree.
  3. Round Table - The table at which Arthur seated his knights.
  4. Round Table, Knights of the - Listed knights.
  5. Round Tables - Festive events.

Royal | Seggio Reale
Two characters, one item and two locations. [More]

  1. Royal Knights - A trio of Arthur's knights.
  2. Royal Lay - Written by Arthur.
  3. Royal Minster - A nunnery.
  4. Royal Seat - Arthurís seat.

Ryons | Rience, Rion, Rions, Ryon, Sword of Hercules
One character and two items. [More]

  1. Ryons - King of Norgales, Ireland and Many Isles.
  2. Ryons' Mantle - Trimmed with beards.
  3. Ryons' Sword - Once owned by Hercules.

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