Items in the Arthurian Legends - S

Sangreal | Graal, Graaus, Graus, Graaux, Sangradale, Graļ, etc.
See Grail.

A sword. [More]

Two items. [More]

  1. Seat of Danger, The - Siege Perilous.
  2. Seat of Judgment - In the Temple of the Sun.

Sequence | Secace, Seure
A sword. [More]

Seven | Seavenshale, Sewing Shields
One character, one item and two locations. [More]

  1. Seven Kings of Cornwall - They helped Arthur.
  2. Seven-League Boots - Magical boots.
  3. Seven Roads - A heath and crossroads.
  4. Seven Shields, Castle of the - Where Arthur sleeps.

An offensive weapon. [More]

Two items. [More]

  1. Ship(s) - Magical or mystical vessels.
  2. Ship of Joy - Constructed by Merlin.

Siege | Perilous Seat, Seat of Danger, le Siege Perilleus, Siege Perilleux, Siege Redoutes, Sieges
Three items/locations. [More]

  1. Siege - The seats at the Round Table.
  2. Siege Perilous - A seat at the Round Table.
  3. Siege Redoutez - A seat at the Grail Table.

Sign of the Cross
A gesture. [More]

One character, one location and two items. [More]

  1. Silver Leg, Man with the - A rich man.
  2. Silver Pipe, Fountain of the - Near Sir Damas' castle.
  3. Silver Shields, Three - Sent to Lancelot.
  4. Silver Table - In Carbonek.

Sleeping Potion
Morgan le Fay gave a drink to Sir Alisander. [More]

One character and two items. [More]

  1. Solomon - King of Israel.
  2. Solomon's Ship - Sent to Galahad.
  3. Solomon's Three Spindles - With three different colors.

Spear of Vengeance | Longius Spear
A weapon. See Longinus' Spear.

Sword | Epee as Estranges Renges, l'Espee Carados, l'Espee de Galahad, Espee qui of Galehot, etc.
Nine items and one location. [More]

  1. Sword - Brought to the Fisher King.
  2. Sword Bridge - A perilous bridge.
  3. Sword in the Stone - Everyone knows this.
  4. Sword of Carados - Drian's sword.
  5. Sword of Galahad - From a floating stone.
  6. Sword of Galehot - Given to Bors.
  7. Sword of Resolve - Galahad mends it.
  8. Sword with the Strange Baldric - or Hangings.
  9. Sword of/with the Strange Hangings - A reward.
  10. Sword with the Red Hilt - Balin's sword.
  11. Sword with the Two Rings - A magic sword.

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