Items in the Arthurian Legends - W

One location and one item. [More]

  1. Water Bridge - One of two crossings into Gore.
  2. Water Lily - An Egyptian ship.

Wicked | Chevalier Malfait, Male Voisine, Malvagia Usanza
Two characters, one item, one location and one event. [More]

  1. Wicked Custom - A beheading game.
  2. Wicked Knight - Two knights.
  3. Wicked Neighbor - A horn.
  4. Wicked Pass - Into Caradoc's lands.

Used in military actions. [More]

This wonderful beverage... [More]

Wondrous Bed
Built to test the worth of knights. [More]

Arthurís hauberk. [More]

Wynebgwrthucher | 'Face of Evening'
A shield. [More]

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