Writers of the Arthurian Legend

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    1. Ariosto, Ludovico | 1474-1533
      Author of Orlando Furioso. [More]

    2. Bek of Castleford, Thomas | 14th century
      A Yorkshireman who wrote a verse chronicle of British, Scottish, and English history ca 1327. [More]

    3. Beroul | Béroul | 12th century
      Author of Tristan romance, written in Anglo-Norman French. [More]

    4. Biket, Robert | Béroul | 12th century
      Author of the 580-line Lai du cor ('The Lai of the Horn'). [More]

    5. Boccaccio, Giovanni | 1313-1375
      An Italian writer. [More]

    6. Boece, Hector | Died 1536
      A Scottish historian. His Scotonum Historia contains some Arthurian information written from an anti King Arthur standpoint.

    7. Boiardo, Matteo Maria | 1441-1494
      A poet. [More]

    8. Brother Robert
      He translated a Norwegian version of Tristan. [More]

    9. Capellanus, Andreas
      Author of De Amore (Latin prose, ca. 1185). [More]

    10. Capgrave, John | 1393-1464
      Author of several works. [More]

    11. Caradoc of Llancarfan | 12th century
      Author of the Vita Gildae ('Life of St. Gildas'). [More]

    12. Caxton, William | c. 1422-1491
      William introduced printing to England. [More]

    13. Chaucer, Geoffrey | 1340?-1400
      Author. [More]

    14. Chestre, Thomas | 14th century
      Generally conceded to be the author of Libeaus Desconus and Sir Launfal. [More]

    15. Chrétien de Troyes | 12th century
      A French poet who wrote several Arthurian romances. [More]

    16. Colin, Philipp, and Claus Wisse | 14th century
      Between 1331 and 1336, they translated and adapted two of the French continuators of Chrétien's Perceval, Wauchier de Denain and Manessier, into German. [More]

    17. Dante Alighieri | 1265,1321
      A Medieval poet. [More]

    18. Dryden, John | 1631-1700
      An English poet who wrote the opera King Arthur in 1691. [More]

    19. Eilhart von Oberge | 12th century
      Author of a version of the story of Tristan and Iseult. [More]

    20. Geoffrey of Monmouth | Galfridus Artur, etc | c. 1100-c. 1155
      Author of two important Latin works of Arthur. [More]

    21. Gerbert | 13th century
      Author of a continuation to Chrétien de Troyes's Perceval.

    22. Gottfried von Strassburg | 13th century
      Author of a German romance of Tristan. No details of Gottfried's life are known.

    23. Hartmann von Aue | c. 1170-1215
      A German (perhaps Rhenish) poet of the Middle High German period and a participant in the Crusade of 1197. He is the author of two Arthurian romances, Erec and Iwain, both of which closely follow the works of Chrétien de Troyes.

    24. Heinrich von dem Türtin | 13th century
      A German poet, author of Diu Crône, a Grail romance in which Gawain is the hero.

    25. Heywood, Thomas | c. 1574-1641
      The seventeenth-century author of Life of Merlin. Born in Lincolnshire, the son of a clergyman, he was educated at Cambridge and was writing plays by 1596. Up to 1633 he had a large share in the composition of 220 plays. Twenty-four of them have survived.

    26. John of Glastonbury | Flourished c. 1340
      Author of a Latin history, Cronica Sive Antiquitates Glastoniensis Ecclesie (Chronicles or Antiquities of the Glastonbury Church), the story of Glastonbury Abbey. The work includes Arthurian material. He used William of Malmesbury's De Antiquitate Glastonie Ecclesie as a source.

    27. Layamon | Flourished c. 1200
      A Worchestershire poet and priest at Ernley (now Areley Regis) on the Severn near Bewdley. In c. 1200 he wrote an alliterative verse chronicle, the Anglo-Saxon Brut or Brut d'Angleterre. It is an important work in the history of English versification, as it is the first poem written in Middle English.

    28. Malmesbury, William of | c. 1090-c. 1143
      An English chronicler who became a monk in the monastery at Malmesbury. [More]

    29. Malory, Thomas | c. 1415/1418-1471
      A knight, author of Morte d'Arthur, which for many English readers is the classic Arthuriad. [More]

    30. Marie de France | 12th century
      A French poetess and authoress of two Arthurian romances. [More]

    31. Nennius | Nemnius, Nemnivus | 9th century
      The name given to the author of the Historia Brittonum, a Latin work of perhaps the ninth century. The work is clumsily put together. Nennius was a Welsh monk who lived in Wales and is considered to be a legend himself.

    32. Robert de Boron | Flourished 1200
      The Burgundian author of two important Arthurian romances. [More]

    33. Rusticiano de Pisa | Rustichello da Pisa | Flourished 1290
      An Italian writer. [More]

    34. Scharfenberg, Albrecht von | Flourished 1270
      Author of Der jüngere Titurel, composed around 1270. [More]

    35. Shakespeare, William | 1564-1616
      Shakespeare is perhaps the best-known playwright ever to have lived. [More]

    36. Spenser, Edmund | 1552/1553-1599
      English poet. [More]

    37. Thomas | 12th century
      Author of the Anglo-Norman Tristan.

    38. Ulrich von Zatzikhoven | Flourished 1200
      The German or Swiss author of Lanzelet. This version of the Lancelot story differs markedly from that of Chrétien.

    39. Wace, Robert | c. 1110-after 1174
      Author of the French Roman de Brut. [More]

    40. Wirnt von Grafenberg | 13th century
      The German, or possibly Bavarian, author of Wigalois, a romance about Gawain's son.

    41. Wolfram von Eschenback | c. 1160/1180-c. 1220
      German knight and poet who was the author of Parsifal, a work dealing with the Grail Quest. [More]