A remarkable large amount of supernatural events is said to have happened along the leylines - these strange lines that bond prehistoric barrows, dolmens, stonecircles, heathen altars and Medieval churches. Some visitors at these place has seen visions of historic persons, who repeated deeds from their lives. Others say they can feel the presence of an unknown, invisible force, fill them with mysterious feelings. No one can explain these phenomenons. But statisticians, engineers, water-diviner, UFO enthusiasts, mediums and astro archaeologists have all tried.

Some scientists mean that the leylines are running along canals of geophysical force. They take into account that the old peoples could feel the energy pulse through the earth and built the monuments on the places where the energy were strongest. Some believe the points of intersection between the leylines creates so called "node" points where the energy is extra strong and can release psychic phenomenons.

It is difficult to come up with reasonable explanations, but many supernatural episodes have occured along the leylines...

A ghostly army at the Loe Bar | Cornwall
Late on the afternoon one day in year 1936 was the sixteen-year-old Stephen Jenkins exploring the Loe Bar, a part of Cornwalls coast nearby the place where it is said King Arthur died. When Jenkins looked around him he was amazed to see a Medieval army in chain-mail suddenly materialize in front of him. Some had red capes, some white and others black. A warrior in the center stood with his hands resting on the sword and stared towards the place where Jenkins were. To look more closely Jenkins took a step closer, but in the same second the army disappeared just as sudden as it had appeared.

This was unbelivable enough, but when Jenkins returned to the place 38 years later, this time with a map in the hand and together with his wife, the same thing happened. It disappeared just as the last time, but his wife had seen just the same thing.

Jenkins mean that the ghostly warriors haunts the landscape and becomes invisble thanks to the psychic energy that converge from the node points between the nearby leylines. Loe Bar is situated on a line which goes between Landewednacks chuch and up to Greagers church and continues until it cuts through two other leylines at Townshend.