Haunted Sweden

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Trolle Ljungby Castle | Skåne
Trolle Ljungby is one of Skåne's most magnificent castle. It looks nice and idyllic, but its deceitful. A mystical lady is staying there, and she always shows herself in a special room on the top floor - and in a special way. When you see her she makes a small bow, and if you take a step forward she disappears.

The woman is probably Ulrika Sparre who is haunting the place. She collected furniture, especially bureaus. Now she is looking after the castle to see if they are arranging the furniture correctly. The count and the countess who lives there today are used to the lady and enjoys her company.

Rosendals Castle | Helsingborg, Skåne
Rosendals Castle were built during the 17th century by Count Anders Bille. He was a wicked man who often hit his maids and hinds. Those who did something the count didn't like, were chained to a pole on the yard.

When the count died he couldn't find peace, and he can still be seen walking around as a ghost. He usually shows up around midnight in a carriage pulled by white horses. He sneaks up to his old room and if the bed isn't made good enough he's making so much noise no one can sleep.

Löderup's Vicarage | Skåne
An old knotty and a growing wild oak is standing on the cemetary, by the vicarage. People in the area says it is growing with its roots upwards and has its crown straight in the ground. Some big branches has to be sawed down, but nobody dares to do it. The oak is said to be a spelled one.

The story behind it is telling us about an evil knight who ravaged the district in the 1300s. His name were Jens Grim and he were furious when the priest in Löderup excommunicated him. Jens chased him into the church where he stabbed him down with his rapier - right in frotn of the altar. The priest were buried on a hill, and someone stuck his stick in the ground. The stick took root and were transformed to the oak.

Dybäck's Castle | Skåne
A nanny once dropped a child from the second floor of Dybäck's Castle. Many has since then seen a girl's arm been stretched out at the window, at the same time as they've heard a scream full of despair.

A large, deserted room in the castle is called "the black hall". A little girl was murdered there a long time ago. The old ones in the district says the blood stains never can get washed away. If you try, the stains is showing even clearer.

The many hauntings is said to be the cause of an old burial mound close to the castle. The founder of Dybäck might be buried there. When someone are about to die in the castle drum beatings is heard from the mound.