Abaahi, Abaahy, Abaasy, Abaaszi, Abacy, Abasi, Abassylar

In the mythology of the Sakha (or Yakuts), a people in Siberia, the abasy are demons who occupy the lower level of the universe, or the underworld, also known as the "kingdom of darkness".

These monsters have one eye, one arm and one leg, with iron teeth and poisonous blood. They come riding on dragons, or horses, with two heads, eight legs and two tails. They are also described as ugly man-eating beasts. They are thought to be the spirits of the long-time dead. They serve the ruler of the dead in the Kingdom of Darkness, Arson-Duolai, who gives the living diseases and devours their souls.

You can appease them by blood sacrifices.

Origin: People of Yakut (Siberia)