Asuwang, Bal-bal, Sok-sok, Tik-tik, Wak-wak

The Aswang is a witch ghoul, well known throughout the Philippines as a dead eater. The word refers to a ghoulish were-dog, and the animal itself is a combination of a werewolf and a vampire. The descriptions and stories vary greatly from region to region.

They are shape-shifters: By day they are shy, quiet and quite elusive, although recognisable by their constant blood-shot eyes and an inverted reflection. At night they turn into birds, bats, cats or a dog. They are fast and silent, replacing their victims, living or dead, with doppelgangers they make of material from the nature, such as crates of bananas. Their true form is described as a beast with wings, the females are thin as a bamboo. Their favorite food are unborn fetuses, small children, livers and hearts - the Aswang must eat every full moon.

To kill an Aswang the heart must be destroyed. They avoid garlic, salt and other things. A sign that an Aswang is close by is easily noticed by holding a bottle of oil and the fluid starts boiling.

Origin: Philippine