Capricorn is the stellar manifestation of the great god Pan. This son of Hermes was one of the few gods to be born imperfect, with the body and arms of a man but the hindquarters of a goat. His grinning face bears sharp horns and a billygoat beard.

These seeming disadvantages proved very useful in his favourite sport of chasing and seducing nymphs, but during the war of Olympus against the Titans he was one of the gods who had to escape by changing their shapes. Pan jumped into the River Nile and changed himself into a fish below the navel and a goat from the waist upwards. When the cosmic war was over, Zeus rewarded Pan for his ingenuity by changing him into the constellation Capricorn.

Pan used his goat legs to climb to the summit of the heavens, and his character has not changed since he capered through the forests of Arcadia. He can be a loyal friend and he has the ingenuity, industy, and creativity which enabled him to invent and play the Pan pipes, but when the mood takes him he is malicious, secretive, and selfish. It is no wonder that human beings born in the tenth House of the Zodiac, when Capricorn is in the ascendant, may share some of Pan's personality traits.

Capris means 'goat' and cornus means 'horn'.