Encantada, Encantado, Encanto, Engkanto

In Philippine mythology, a diwata is a mythological figure similar to fairy creatures.

They are said to reside in large trees, such as acacia and balete. They are the guardian sprits of nature, bringing blessing or curses upon those who bring benefits or harm to the forests and mountains. One such famous Diwata is Maria Makiling, guardian of the Mount Makiling in Laguna province.

A male diwata is called Engkanto (sometimes spelled as Encanto or Encantado) that reside primarily in the sea. It is a customary way for Filipino fishermen to offer meat and other delicacies to the engkanto by throwing it onto the sea, after a day of bountiful harvest.

In other parts of the Philippines, Diwata is analogous to the Greek gods and goddesses. Some of the famous Diwata are Bathala (also known as Kabunian, Malayari, and Lumawig) - Ruler of Heaven, Amanikable - Ruler of the Seas, Dian Masalanta - goddess of love, Apolake (or Adlaw) - god of the sun, Mayari (or Bulan, in other areas) - goddess of the moon, Tala - goddess of the stars, and Anitan - Guardian of lightning.