Each Uisge

Aughisky, Each Uisce, Ech-ushkya

This being is similar to the kelpie and is said to be the most dangerous of all water-dwelling spirits in the British Isles. The Each Uisge is found in Scotland and it lives in the sea and in lochs (lakes). It is a shapeshifter and can shot itself in several forms: A fine horse, a pony, a handsome man, or as a hybrid of a man and horse, but the latter is very rarely seen.

The kelpie and the Each Uisge alike were both greatly feared in the Highlands. People were (and some are still today) wary of lone animals and strangers lurking by water in secluded areas.

When the Each Uisge was in the form of a horse and far away from water it was safe to ride it. If it could smell the faintest of water the rider finds it difficult to get off - its like the creature’s skin became adhesive - and the horse ran directly to the deepest part of the lake, dove in and thus drowned its rider. The Each Uisge tore the body apart, devoured it entirely save for the liver which would float ashore.

The creature also devours cattle and sheep and it can be lured out of the water by the smell of roasted meat.

Origin: Scottish
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