Ghosts of the island off northern Australia, including some parts of New Guinea. Although rarely seen, they can be likened to the East Asias Spirits of Accident because of their habit of causing things to go wrong in its descendants' homes. One very rarely sees a forso but often feels the effect of forso activities.

Death is a very tedious occupation, and the forsos become bored in their lonely graves or in the trees where corpses have been placed to rot away, and they pass the time by pestering their living relations. When anything goes wrong in human affairs, one may be fairly sure that a forso is reminding mankind of its presence in the universe.

The best way to keep forsos calm and reasonable contented is to make frequent visits to the abode of corpses, or to keep the skulls and bones of one's ancestors on display in the village. These practises give the dead plenty of company and the forsos do not become bored and restless.