Gwraggedd Annwn

'Dames of Annwfn', 'Dames of the Lower Regions'
Gwragedd Annwfn

Beautiful blonde water maidens, the gwraggedd annwn of Wales live in rich palaces beneath lakes. By moving certain flowers or stones by these lakes, one can gain entrance to a secret passage leading to the lake's middle, where the gwraggedd annwn hold court surrounded by beautiful gardens and visitors are entertained with music and sweet foods.

However, if the guest should take even a blade of grass as a souvenir, he will thus close the gate to this land forever.

The gwraggedd annwn enjoy dancing in the meadow flats, wafting scarves of silver mist above their heads, and have been known to take on mortal men as husbands, producing children gifted in healing who often become famed physicians.